Where magic offers sleight of hand, illusions offer sleight of sight. And at the Museum of Illusions, the global museum featuring experiential illusions and exhibits, over 80 exhibits offer mind-bending sleight of sight which tease the senses and make you wonder if seeing really is believing. 

The Museum of Illusions, opening December 21st on the North Shore (267 North Shore Drive), is a “edutainment” concept. Created in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, the concept has spread worldwide to 47 cities in more than 25 countries. Though it’s a worldwide sensation, the North Shore location includes exhibits tailored specifically for the Pittsburgh experience.

“We wanted to bring the museum to Pittsburgh because this is a city that is built on innovation…Pittsburghers have curiosity, creativity, and passion that’s unmatched. We can’t wait to introduce these exhibits.”

Museum of Illusions Director of Sales and Marketing Stacy Stec

Visual, educational, experiential, immersive – the illusions and exhibits are designed to bring out the playfulness in guests of all ages and are filled with plenty of photo-worthy moments. Through holograms, stereograms, and optical illusions, visitors will learn about vision, perception, and the human brain and experience firsthand the science of how the eyes can trick the mind.

Discover a brilliant collection of perspective-changing rooms, intriguing installations, and surprising images. Guests are able to step into a whole new world with the Vortex Tunnel – where the mind thinks that the ground is moving under your feet; defy the laws of gravity in the Reversed Room; and experience the magic of the Clone Room – where guests see much more than double.

Museum Hours

Open 7 days a week (beginning 12/21/23). 10am – 8pm Monday – Thursday. 10am – 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The museum will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and daily throughout the Winter Break season.

Special Museum Opening Offer

Tickets can be purchased at moipittsburgh.com at a discounted presale rate through Wednesday, December 20th.

Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance. The museum is self-guided which allows you to engage with the exhibits at your own pace. The average time spent in the museum is 60-90 minutes. Children ages 4 and under are free and do not require a ticket for entry.

The Museum of Illusions: You’ve gotta see it to disbelieve it.

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