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If you thought the season of presents was over, it’s far from it.  Here comes the month of February, a month where gift-giving resumes (only for a millisecond, in honor of Valentines Day).  And just like that, let the shopping for this holiday commence.

Just like the holidays of the past few months, gift-giving markets have become a popular staple in order to find something perfect for your special someone.  This weekend on Saturday, February 2nd at The Block at Northway, the I Made It! Market will be held, hosting on-site over 80 plus artisans that will be showcasing their items.

Don’t think that this market will have only certain types of pieces for sale, but rather a large array of merchandise for customers to peruse through, featuring the following categories:











The only difference with this current market, however, is that it will only be up-and-running for one day only – Saturday, February 2nd from 12 p.m. through 5 p.m. at The Block at Northway.  Be sure to hurry, because these fabulous finds surely won’t last forever!

For more information regarding the I Made It! Market, feel free to visit www.imadeitmarket.com for more information.

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Aaron Valentic

Aaron is a recent transplant back to Pittsburgh, PA after living in New York for five years. From all things relating to art, culture, fashion along with the Pittsburgh social scene, he surely knows the heartbeat of his hometown.

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