Learn about a variety of diverse and thought-provoking topics at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival! The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the humanities center at Carnegie Mellon University invite you to the annual event, presented by Citizens. It takes place March 24 – 26th at the Cultural District. There will be “internationally-acclaimed artists” along with community leaders and academics from Pittsburgh and around the world. 

Learn about people, learn about the world. Chances are you’ll learn something new. It’s something different—you’ll feel smarter than you did when you first walked through the door. It’s access to a wealth of knowledge about subjects that are relevant to Pittsburgh and society today. 

Talks and poetry includes “The Legacy of Women in Hip Hop” (Trust Arts Education Center) and “An Evening with Ira Glass: Seven Things I’ve learned” (Byham Theater). “You’ll hear about art, politics, history, an array of cultures, and so much more as, together, we explore what it means to be human.” 

Check out author Dr. Sheila Liming, as she discusses her new book “Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time.” From parties to making friends with strangers, all of this “mounts a claim for the importance of unstructured social activity.” This is what we need to hear!  

Here’s the schedule!

Saturday March 25

  • 12PM – Leading the Cultural District: CEOs Carol Brown & Keving McMahon in conversation
  • 1:30PM – Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time with author Dr. Sheila Liming 
  • 1:30PM – Star-Spangled Facism? The Extreme Right, Yesterday and Today
  • 3:00PM – Bad Activist: Story, Song, and Spectacle with the “Vietnamese Lady Gaga”
  • 3:00PM – Alive in Spanish Literature: Flamenco Music & Culture
  • 4:30PM – The Category is…A Deep Dive into the World of Vogue & Ballroom
  • 4:30PM – Roses from the Southwestern Sun

Sunday March 26

  • 12:00PM – Immaculate: How the Steelers Saved Pittsburgh
  • 12:00PM – Mayor Gainey & Pittsburgh’s Future Leaders
  • 1:30PM – Pittsburgh’s Secret History of Plants with Boaz Frankel
  • 3:00PM – With Liberty and Language Justice For All with Dr. Uju Anya
  • 3:00PM – Open Call speaker
  • 3:00PM – Shakespeare in Virtual Reality
  • 4:30PM – Making the Pittsburgh Police

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Josh McCann

Josh has been writing for Made in PGH since 2018, where he writes about upcoming events. He’s a Point Park University graduate and teaches high school English. In his free time you’ll find him playing guitar and writing new songs.

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