There’s nothing like hanging out with your friends during the holidays. It’s the perfect time to kick back and catch up with a PBR in hand. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Well, maybe it does. Sure, we like shooting the breeze as much as anyone. But sometimes it gets old. Hitting the usual spots. Making the same small talk. Then, when it’s over, all we have to show for our night out is a headache.

Have fun and do some good, instead

RAK City Holiday Scavenger Hunt Pittsburgh

If you’re tired of just passing the time, we have a proposition. Here’s the deal: We teamed up with our friends at Have Fun. Do Good., Toll Gate Revival, and Pabst Blue Ribbon to create a one of a kind event. It’s a little something called the RAK City Scavenger Hunt.

No, we’re not referring to Tiga’s Rack City. Rest assured we won’t be throwing ten, ten, ten, twenties on anything. Notice our RAK City leaves out the “c” making it an acronym for Random Acts of Kindness.

The night kicks off at Tollgate Revival in Lawrenceville. From there, you’ll make your way around the city, while making change along the way. It’s a scavenger hunt with a cause. You’ll be on a mission with some meaning behind it.

What’s that, you want more specifics? Well, if we told you what to expect that would kinda defeat the purpose of a scavenger hunt. Just know this, RAK City is your chance to have a great time, while inspiring some good at the same time. So round up your friends and sign up now, because there’s a limited number of spots available. See you there!

What: RAK City Scavenger Hunt
When: Saturday, December 19
Where: Meet at Toll Gate Revival, 3711 Butler Street
Register at Have Fun Do Good

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