With the epic return of the final season of HBO’s sensation Game of Thrones, there has been quite an exciting series of events going on around the country (or perhaps, the world even), as fans young and old prepare to say farewell to their favorite, and shadiest characters.

For the Pittsburgh fans, Bar Crawl Live is hosting their very own event for Game of Thrones, happily entitled “Crawl of Thrones”.  The bar crawl, which is taking place on Saturday, May 25th, will be host to a plethora of bars and venues for die-hard fans to mingle and share knowledge in.

Crawl of Thrones

The Crawl of Thrones will consist of many small events, making up the larger event itself.  From 2pm through 10pm, guests will be to not only one party, but 3 major parties (kick-off, halftime and after party of the event).  And if that wasn’t enough, there will be prizes for the funniest, scariest and of course, sexiest costumes of the night. So if you are dying to dress up like Jon Snow, or perhaps Olenna Tyrell (you MUST get the shade right), then be our guests.

As if we were in Westeros ourselves, venues for the event will take place all over South Side flats, including Flats on Carson to Tiki Lounge to Steel Cactus.  Here, staff will guide you to prizes, drink specials, as well as other participating venues, to ensure you experience all that Crawl of Thrones has to offer.

Crawl of Thrones
Image via Bar Crawl Live

Event if you don’t happen to be the biggest Game of Thrones fan, who cares?  This is sure to be an inclusive event bringing together geeks and freaks alike to celebrate in the finale of one of the greatest shows in history.  But do remember, winter is coming – aka, tickets are selling quickly, so act fast!

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