Ready for a night at a haunted museum?! The Carnegie Museum of Natural History becomes exactly that on October 18th! The spooky night is part of the After Dark series, which is geared towards adults having fun (drinking!) at the museum. The ghoulish party will bring all the scares and haunts. More like, haunted with all kinds of fun Halloween stuff to do!

Carnegie Museum of Natural History After Dark
Photo Credit: Carnegie Museum of Natural History

There’s a wide list of activities to choose from–you can check out Frankenstien’s laboratory, where you will conduct your very own experiments. Very scary, and probably interesting to try! If you’re into dissecting things, you can observe brain and rat dissections. Eww gross! And if dissecting brains and rats aren’t your thing, you can continue the spooktacular activities with sitting around the campfire to hear H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”. That is going to be really creepy!

If you want to go on a Halloween adventure, check out the spooky scavenger hunt. How cool will a scavenger hunt be considering it’s in a haunted museum! Also, beware of wild animals as you try to survive Polar World’s infestation of unnatural creatures from Scarehouse. And since it’s from Scarehouse you know it will be extra terrifying. Yikes! There’s even an awesome trick or treat, because free candy is something everyone enjoys. All of this is happening, and yes there is a costume contest. You’ve searched all season for your costume, (or procrastinated until the last minute), and now it’s time to take home the win. The night also features trivia, where you can show off your Halloween knowledge! 

During the night of terror you can taste some chilling beverages from Fat Head’s Brewery, Dos Equis, and Miller Lite. If you want to jump the lines, check out the fast pass, which gives access to faster check-in and special bars. Bar is cash only. Don’t forget! Parking at the museums parking facility is available after 5pm, $7. 

When: October 18, 6pm – 10pm

Where: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Cost: Adults, $15/advance ($20/door),            $13.50 for members, $32.50 fast pass


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