Calling all Disney fans! While the magic of stepping into the Magic Kingdom isn’t quite like anything else, Enchanted Experiences brings a slice of the Disney magic to Pittsburgh. Enchanted Experiences is the perfect addition to any event because they bring the most charming guests of all, PRINCESSES! As the only company in PA that is owned by a former Disney Princess, Enchanted Experiences is the best of the best when it comes to singing, dancing, costume design, and etiquette.

In May of 2018, Caleigh Bunting dreamt up the dream of all dreams – to start her own business surrounding her true passion. From a young age, Caleigh loved performing. As a ballet dancer for over a decade, she decided to pursue her Bachelor of the Arts in Dance. Additionally, as a smart and entrepreneurial spirit, she also picked up a minor in PR and Advertising, which would prove to come in handy. In college, she worked on one of the Disney cruise ships, the Wonder Ship, where she discovered the niche she would soon start her own business in, character performance! After working through her contract with Disney, she ultimately decided she wanted to move back to Pittsburgh instead of extending her stay in Florida. When Caleigh moved back, things started taking off!

Enchanted Experiences isn’t just a business that sends someone dressed up as a princess to your event. They offer an experience unlike any other. Each employee of Enchanted Experiences goes through rigorous training, just like the princesses in Disney World. Each actress auditions and then after they are hired, they are trained in singing, character traits, dancing, etiquette lessons, and more. This ensures that the magic is held with each princess at each event. Think of it almost like visiting Santa at the mall when you were a little kid. Oftentimes kids would ask their parents, “was that the real Santa?” perhaps because you could see the straps from their beard or their real hair peeking out. One thing that Enchanted Experiences prides itself on, is that its princesses are prepped to look and perform perfectly so there is no room for doubt when the party guests meet the princesses! Everything down to the makeup has been thoughtfully designed. Enchanted Experiences uses the same makeup used at Disney World to create each done-up princess look. All of the couture wigs and dresses are made by previous Disney workers, so they have all of the details of a dress you would see in Disney. Each costume takes between a year and a year and a half to make. Talk about exquisite detailing! This is all done to preserve the magic!

 Now we keep saying “at your event” but what events can you hire Enchanted Experiences for? Simply put, ANYTHING! Over the last couple of years, Enchanted Experiences has participated in all sorts of events. As you can imagine, there is a high demand for princesses at children’s parties, so birthday parties make up the bread and butter of Enchanted Experiences’ events. Others include donation-based events like charity 5Ks, and ticketed events at local theaters. By partnering with charity events, Enchanted Experiences not only gets to bring magic through their special guests, but also through the donations that come in for these incredible organizations. At these community events, you can find anywhere from 3 to 7 princesses!

 For the ticketed events, Enchanted Experiences has previously partnered with the Stran Theater, Jamie’s Dream Team, and more to put on fantastic events from Zelienople to the South Hills. Typically a ticketed event will sell between 50-200 tickets depending on the venue size. In true princess fashion, the venues are usually dance halls or hotel ballrooms to keep with the upscale nature of the experience. One of the events that is listed on Enchanted Experiences’ website right now is A Magical Lunch With Ariel at Westwood Golf Club where for $30, attendees receive a hot lunch, a beverage, dancing, singing, a meet and greet, and a special keepsake! Another fun experience listed on their website is Luau With Moana at Capes & Crowns Venue. At this event, attendees will enjoy story time, a craft, luau dancing, themed snacks, singing, dancing, and a photo opportunity. If you see events that you have an interest in purchasing tickets for, do so as soon as possible! These events are in high demand and spaces are often limited.

If you’re looking to host the Enchanted Experiences crew at your event, there are several packages available! Choose from the following packages: venue, mermaid, party, community, charity, or à la carte add-ons. Depending on the package level you purchase, you will have 1 or 2 princesses accompanied by a royal assistant at your event. There are specifics that come with each package including a coronation ceremony, royal lesson, magic makeovers, water games (mermaid packages only), and SO MUCH MORE!

When we asked owner Caleigh about the future of her “princesses on wheels” operation, she said she is excited to be expanding her cast! After the costumes are prepared, Enchanted Experiences will be adding on the Pixie Hollow Fairies and begin doubling up on some of the more in-demand princesses like Cinderella. This way, they don’t have to turn down specific princess requests with their typical 5-10 events they attend every weekend. Caleigh also told us the greatest compliment she could receive is to be compared to the magic of Disney. That is what she truly strives for. Next time you’re looking for something fun to do with your little princess or prince, check out Enchanted Experiences! It’s sure to be magical.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Francesca Ferrante

Francesca Ferrante aka The412Franimal is a Blogger/Influencer for travel and ALL things Pittsburgh. Typically you can find her all over the US exploring the best food, views and adult beverages, or at a local PGH brewery watching whatever sport is in season. Passionate about helping others make the best memories, she loves sharing recommendations and tips for restaurants, events, happy hours & more!

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