From its calming riverfront lookout to its winding nature trail, the Aspinwall Riverfront Park’s (ARP) views are taking on a new, vibrant perspective of gratitude with its newest art Installation, “Waves of Gratitude,” located in the park’s Welcome Center Pavilion, 285 River Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15215. 

Image via: Suzanne Kingsley

With community support of over 1,000 people, “Waves of Gratitude” flows high and mighty with the art installation consisting of 1800 ribbons hanging twenty-four feet in the air. Each ribbon of the dazzling, multi-colored display represents a life in the region lost to COVID-19 in the past year, and each one has a handwritten, personal note of thankfulness. 

“These past twelve months have been so difficult and filled with loss for so many people. Everyone’s lives are different now. But as a result of 2020, more than ever we can appreciate what is truly important in life and the little things that give us joy,” writes Susan Crookston, the Park’s Executive Director who conceived the art display. “We have so much to be grateful for, and this work of art is designed to display and spread that gratitude. Part of the fun of experiencing it is visiting the Park to find your gratitude.”

Image via: Mayabee Design & Photography

The display moves in motion with the light air moving in from the riverfront, and park-goers can hear the calming rustle while taking in a moment of gratitude for their own viewing pleasure. Watch as each ribbon flows and intertwines with one another, playfully interacting with the outside flow of the environment. 

“Waves of Gratitude” is free and open to the public, nestling as a field of technicolor to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. As long as the ribbons hold up, the installation will be hanging for all to enjoy until the end of April. It is the second in a three-part series of public art funded by ARP supporters Dave and Beth Short. Be sure to stop by and take in all of the views and be thankful in the present.

Image via Mayabee Design & Photography

To stay up-to-date on the art series and all of the Aspinwall Riverfront Park happenings, be sure to follow the nonprofit on Facebook and Instagram and donate here.

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