The door on Butler Street to enter Redfishbowl Studios

If you’re an art lover, make sure to add Redfishbowl Studios to your list.  This collective artist experience was co-founded by Ted Remlinger and Chris Boles in 2010, and has yet to slow down. Located on Butler Street in Lawrenceville, visitors climb up two flights of stairs to visit this one-of-a-kind experience. Redfishbowl delivers from the first movement visitors enter –  installations in the stairwell cast a flickering red glow on visitors as they climb to the studio. 

Redfishbowl’s full mission can be found on their website, but boils down to being a space that allows any and every artist the opportunity to grow their careers. This is through connections, display, and exposure that the studio provides to artists within the collective. This ambitious mission has allowed Redfishbowl to display a unique range of works from different artists – local, domestic, and international.

Some of the works for sale

The studio stretches into a series of different rooms. Upon entering, the first room has  works on display and for sale. Comfortable couches and chairs are placed throughout the space, and lingering is seemingly encouraged. The art on display ranges from pottery to paintings to everything in between. There seems to be no one theme among the work, making pursuing the pieces even more entertaining. 

You can take art classes and more at Redfishbowl

As visitors walk further into Redfishbowl, a dance studio-esque room and work studio space can be found. This is because in addition to showing and selling work, Redfishbowl has a wide-range of weekly and monthly events for visitors. These events include community yoga, figure drawing classes, open mics, and more. If interested, visit their calendar page to learn more and buy tickets. Note: Admission to Redfishbowl studios is free, but some events do require purchase.  Redfishbowl is also available as an event space, event production, and more. Find their full list of services here.

Little would you know this lays behind an innocent looking door

At the very back of Redfishbowl,  visitors will find the best ( in my opinion) part of Redfishbowl: an interactive, immersive exhibit unlike any other that I’ve seen in Pittsburgh. Visitors step into an innocent looking dark cylinder, rotate 180 degrees, and are seemingly transported into the 3000s. This exhibit uses technology to illuminate flickering TVS, tubes of light, and colorful paintings. Check out the photo above for a glimpse  at this one-of-a-kind exhibit. 

Plan your visit:

Tuesday 1–8PM

Wednesday 1–8PM

Thursday 1–8PM

Friday  1–11PM

Saturday 1–11PM

Sunday 1–8PM

Monday 1–8PM

Redfishbowl Studios is located at 4327 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Metered street parking is available, and there are several paid parking lots in Lawrenceville. The 91 or 93 port authority bus has a stop at Butler Street & 43rd Street (out-bound)  and Butler Street & 42nd street (in-bound) that is a two-minute walk to Redfishbowl.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Katherine Lewis

A Virginia native, Katherine moved to Pittsburgh in 2016 to attend the University of Pittsburgh. After earning her B.A. in Media and Professional Communications in December 2019, Katherine begun working as a Marketing Intern and Public Relations for two different Pittsburgh-based organizations. She loves to travel, read ( big Carnegie Library fan), and explore Pittsburgh during her free time! All while fueled by an unnecessary amount of caffeine, of course.

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