When it comes to artwork in Pittsburgh, there is no telling when and where the next big piece will pop up in town.  Sure, you have the major museums and the high-brow art galleries to see the latest creations of the regions best artists.  But, when it comes to the street, it’s very clear that we are discussing life as we know it.

As you peruse the city in search of the best open areas to find local artworks on full display, be sure to check out our list to see some of the top in the area to ensure you won’t miss them from your list.

Carrie Furnace

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of Dave Cicello

The backdrop of an abandoned iron-making facility, local art residents transform this space with the raw materials provided to them.  Located towering over West Homestead, visitors will find many fascinating finds, from “The Carrie Deer”, to a plethora of graffiti sprayed amongst the iron ruins.


Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of Cubie King

It wouldn’t be Pittsburgh without the location of Lawrenceville being listed.  Take a stroll down Butler Street and you will be attracted to many mini and large-scale works of street art, from phrases places neatly near windows, to towering murals.

Welcome to the Strip

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of Pittsburgh’s Murals

Nothing quite says “Welcome to Pittsburgh” than the “Welcome to the Strip” signage.  It features the best of this food epicenter of the city; designed by Sandy Kessler Kaminski, the mural features a frying pan, brean and a cup of coffee, showcasing many of the different elements that make the Strip District an epicenter of culture.

Locks of Love

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh

The famous bridges of Paris have thus influenced Pittsburghers to do the same way to express their love – place a lock on a bridge with their names attached, to show their never-ending love.  The Schenley Bridge in Oakland has become an focal point for this movement by lovers from all over the area, and shows that love truly is enduring.

Cell-Phone Disco

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

The perfect blend of technology and artwork, the Cell-Phone Disco is an alleyway in downtown (located in the heart of the Cultural District), if you happen to receive a call, a panel of lights will go ablaze, connecting to the transmissions from your phone, creating an illuminating experience.

3 Rivers Heritage Trail

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of PGH Murals

There always seems to be artwork everywhere you turn in the city, and that is especially true for the trails along the rivers.  The 3 Rivers Heritage Trail is a splendor within itself, offering breathtaking views of the city and the rivers. Stretching along the Allegheny River, artist Kim Bleck has created an 800+ foot mural that captivates onlookers as they pass it day-after-day.

The Underpass Gallery

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of PGH Murals

If you are heading through the North Shore and are traveling under the Federal Street railroad bridge, the west wall is a fixture of artwork and color.  As a part of the Charm Bracelet Project, the artist, Casey Droege, wanted to celebrate the history, essence, and concept of entry.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of MIP

Celebrating the use of transportation, artist Brian Holderman wanted to showcase the different time periods of commuters within the city of Pittsburgh, celebrating it with vivid color and design.

Kelly O’s Diner

Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of PGH Murals

If you haven’t been to this phenomenal Strip District joint for their amazing food, you must at least visit for the mural on the outside of the restaurant.  Depicting a very Americana vibe, the diner is situated in what appears to be the Grand Canyon, with a bold sign pointing guests to the diner.


Pittsburgh Street Art
Courtesy of Will Schlough

Situated in Sharpsburg under the 62nd Street bridge, a large mural of arrows appears to visitors showcasing them pointing in many different directions.  A play on the traffic system in Pittsburgh, or a more complex meaning to life? Lets see where it takes us.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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