It’s a fascinating world, the movie business – with many major new ways to watch your favorite films (we love you Netflix, don’t worry), it makes you question – do people really go to the movies anymore?

Row House Cinema and Bierport
Photo Credit: Row House Cinema

Well, if you happen to ask any patron of Row House Cinema, located in Central Lawrenceville, the answer would be a complete and definite yes.

Founded in June of 2014 with the premiere screen of Pulp Fiction, the 83-seat, single screen theater (which just so happens to be located inside of an actual row house) became an instant classic for natives of the neighborhood to attend weekly screenings of some of their favorite movies and shows.

But don’t think that this theater is just simply going to be showcase the latest and greatest in filmography – as dubbed on their website, Row House is committed to showcasing “hundreds of new, old, popular, weird, amazing and obscure movies” since opening.

In the mood for some cereal while you watch your movie?  Have no fear – the theater offers Cereal Cinemas, where you can watch a morning movie with all-you-can-eat cereal bars.  A fan of midnight screenings? The cinema offers plenty of those, especially around Halloween.

And what about beer in the theater? There simply has to be a showcase for that!  Well, it just so happens that Row House Cinema’s next door neighbor, Bierport, home to over 900 bottles and cans of beer.

Bierport makes the process entirely appealing and all for the customer – with Row House Cinema, you actually are allowed to bring your own beer into the theater (Hoo-Rah!), so before a show, stop into Bierport to select as much as you’d like – the custom Beer-To-Go is a custom six-pack (that you can either create or have designed for you by Bierport staff) is the ideal way to go if you are heading to the theater.

And if you think that got any better, Row House Cinema actually hosts a Brew & View, a selected screening of films that offer themed beers served at key points throughout the films.  It truly cannot get more indulgent than that.

Say you want to head back to Bierport after the film is done, surely!  With ample space in the underground taproom (complete with 19 on-hand taps, daily specials and flights), along with specified food trucks (Bierport is always BYOF friendly, aka “Bring Your Own Food, but do cater to monthly food trucks), this gives a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie.

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