Once upon a time Portland was the place to be. But nowadays, not so much.

While Portland will continue to serve as a Hipster Mecca for anyone who’s filled with wanderlust and looking to get weird, all the cool kids are moving to Pittsburgh.

Won’t you be our neighbor?

Pittsburgh View

Pittsburgh loves Pittsburgh. We already think we’re at the center of the universe. So for us to make a statement about being the best, coolest, or next anything is automatically moot. But when an out-of-towner says it, we’re happy to shout the praise from high atop Mt. Washington.

So here goes, Portland is over. All the cool kids are moving to Pittsburgh. At least that’s how Thrillist sees it: Pittsburgh possesses all of the necessary attributes to attract a cool crowd, including “a substantial food and drink culture, an emphasis on “artisan” shops, and a considerable number of eccentrics.”

The article lists top notch breweries, stellar cocktail bars, an up and coming culinary scene as evidence, while giving a nod to the local makers and artisans showcased at Handmade Arcade.

No argument here.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.

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