It’s okay – you can admit it: You love your fur baby – and perhaps just a little too much. Don’t worry – we won’t judge; we’ve been there too. We would pretty much do anything to make our furry family members happy – which is why we’ve gone ahead and assembled a list of places for you to all-in with pampering your pet. And while we were at it we also decided to interview one of them.

Meet Mr. Baby S, a Chinese Crested from Pittsburgh who enjoys looking like David Bowie, traveling the world, and marking his territory. This interview was a bit surreal:

Do you have an Instagram account or Facebook page we could check out?

I don’t like my mom to post my pictures on social media. So, no, I don’t have any social media accounts to share. Though, I have overheard her say she has over 9000 pictures on her phone… She claims 8000 of them are of me.

You are a Chinese Crested. What do you think makes you stand out from other Chinese Cresteds?

Well, I may just be the most well-traveled Chinese Crested ever. My human tells me I’ve been to over 25 different cities and she talks about wanting to take me to Paris so we can have dinner at a restaurant where I’m sat in my own seat in front of her. She’s heard those things can be done there… it sounds exciting to me.

I’m also the most handsome Chinese Crested! Don’t believe me? Compare me to the ones that have one the ugliest dog contests… for some reason, my breed seems to dominate that competition.

Do you compete in dog shows? If so how do you do at them? What do you like about them?  

I don’t compete, but probably should. Though, I think it’d be unfair to other dogs… and if you’re thinking of the ugliest dog contest, forget it. I probably wouldn’t even qualify.

What are your favorite activities? We see that they might be frolicking and being affectionate – does that describe you?  

I love to sleep, especially near my human (she gives off a lot of body heat.) I’m very independent though, and I know I hear her wonder aloud if I love her. I do, I just don’t show it. I also love my walks, but it’s only because I get a treat at the end.

What are 2-3 things that everyone should know about you?

I’m 13 but very spry for my age. Me and my mom are trying to break the record for longest living Chinese Crested, so I’m trying to make it to 22. We go to the vet a lot for check ups to make sure everything is in perfect working order. She does a great job at looking after me.

Not only do I look like a dog, I also resemble several other humans and animals. Einstein, a llama, a miniature horse, David Bowie, Doc from Back to the Future, a hyena, and Andy Warhol to name a few.

You are a Toy. But what are your favorite toys?

My mom buys me very small stuffed animals. I don’t play with them much, but I also don’t like it when she touches them. Can my human be considered a toy? If so, she’s my favorite.

What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

The attention I get from all of Yinz when I’m out for walks with my mom, but this happens everywhere. I also love how much green space there is for me to mark my territory.

Pittsburgh winter’s are harsh, especially for smaller dogs such as yourself. How do you survive the Pittsburgh winters? Any fashion advice for other dogs out there on how to make it thru the unforgiving weather?

My mom bundles me up like a Scandinavian farmer in the winters. But recently we’ve started heading to Houston for the winter months. She’s trying to keep my stress level down, all for the sake of making it to 22!

Here is a picture of me in a fair isle sweater, looking like a Scandinavian farmer.

If you have to pick a favorite which one is yours – Pirates, Penguins, or Steelers? Why?

The Pirates – I love when my mom takes me to Pup Nights at PNC Park.

Keep your special fur baby stellar and suave by checking out these local retailers:

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Scout Dog Collars

Leone Animal Supply Center

One Haute Dog


lather.  a pet bath house

Pawsitively Purrfect – Mobile Pet Spa

FurEver Green & Inspired Living Studio

A Diamond in the Ruff

Pet Services

Modern Dog

Success Just Clicks Dog Training

Bark & Gold Photography

Specialty Treats

WoofStop Barkery

Three Dog Bakery – Sewickley

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