Let’s laugh! Because everyone needs a good laugh right about now. And there are plenty of hilarious local comedians that will have you cracking up! Let’s hope comedy clubs open again soon. Here’s our 5 local comedians you need to know! 

Matt Light

Image via: Matt Light, Facebook

Matt Light is one of the hottest comedians in the industry today. He takes every topic and twists them on their head with the perfect mix of charm and tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Light recently won best Pittsburgh comedian of the year, making it 4 years in a row. Now in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Matt’s new outlook to make people laugh at life and death, and enjoy the silly observations with what comes with it, is contagious when he’s on stage. Catch Matt at the Goat Fest Comedy Festival May 29th at JB’s Roadside Bar & Grille in Tarentum!

Paige Polesnak

Image via: Paige Polesnak

Sex, Drugs and Indie Rock N Roll: Paige Polesnak is a exceptionally sharp joke writer and an effortlessly charming performer. Her act is a whirlwind of misadventure, misdirection and mischief. She’s taken her hilarious stand up on the road plenty of times, including the Girls Who Wear Glasses Tour, which hit 6 different cities in 8 nights. Now that’s rock n roll comedy! For her latest gigs visit her Facebook page here.

Cassi Bruno

Image via: Cassi Bruno

Cassi Bruno was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She attended Pittsburgh’s CAPA, a performing arts high school, and graduated from Point Park University. She’s been doing stand-up since she was 21 years old and has traveled to places like New York, Cleveland, and New Orleans to perform. Cassie describes her comedy as “observational storytelling that may contain descriptions of my dog’s nipples.” Because of changes in the world due to Covid-19, Cassi has been collaborating with other comedians via social media to make content. Follow Cassi on Instagram to check her out!

Andrew Hilary

Image via: Andrew Hilary

Andrew Hilary turned a childhood of being bullied into an adulthood of bullying himself in a routine that’s been described as a “one man roast battle.” When he’s not on stage, you can find him on the streets looking for stray cats to pet, or as the host of the podcast The Worst Week Yet. Check out his podcast here

Samantha Bentley

Image via: Samantha Bentley

Bentley started her comedy career on a sketch comedy public access tv show called Off Da Grill. Samantha played a character named Crazy Cakes which taped into her love for improv. While building her character on the show she tried her hand at stand-up. Since then Samantha was named Pittsburgh’s Best Comedian several times over. Her comedic style is relatable and off the cuff, covering subjects about herself, friends, and family. Samantha has performed all over the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, opening for Eddie Griffin, Tony Roberts, Gary Owen and Michael Blackson. She was also part of the Black Women of Comedy festival. Samantha Bentley will soon be a household name.

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Josh McCann

Josh has been writing for Made in PGH since 2018, where he writes about upcoming events. He’s a Point Park University graduate and teaches high school English. In his free time you’ll find him playing guitar and writing new songs.

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  1. Samantha Bently is a A STAR….she is hands down the funniest comedian in the Tri-state area and beyond. All she needs is more exposure. She is truly the definition of a “Diamond in the ruff”. Her natural comedic talent shines through regardless the platform, stand-up or improv. “Finding the funny”in any subject matter comes natural to her. Samantha Bently can be counted as one of the Queens of Comedy hands down. It’s not about her needing to be discovered. It’s about you being fortunate to come cross her oath and be entertained by this exceptional talent.

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