The world of opera is often speculated around a carousel of drama, prima donna’s and spectacle.  The stage is a platform for an endless parade of love, tragedy and despair, sweeping audiences into an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish.

If you are an avid opera goer, then you will know that anything Giacomo Puccini is known to play and tease the emotions of the audience members, creating glorious works of art such as Tosca, Madama Butterfly, and of course, the magical and breathtaking performance of La Bohème.

La Boheme
Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Opera

Within this opera, the backdrop of the performance, set in the 1830s in Paris, tells the tumultuous tale of Rodolfo, a young poet, befriends and thus falls in love with Mimi, a young seamstress.  From that moment forward, the couple is intertwined within a star-crossed love affair that can sadly only be ended with death.

This transcending opera, with glorious arias and an immaculate telling of the lower-classes of Paris, modern movie/Broadway lovers will recognize the same storyline within RENT.

Leading up to the event, the Pittsburgh Opera held “Bohemian Nights”, a lead-up event in the honor of a fashion show celebrating the opening of the show, schedule to debut on March 30th at the Benedum Center.

Directed by Stephanie Havey, and conducted by Jean-Luc Tingaud, audiences at the Benedum Center will be treated to a new production of the classic tale.

La Bohème will be on stage at The Benedum Center from March 30th, through April 7th, 2019.  For tickets, please visit

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