For some guys, style is an afterthought. For others, it’s the first thought they have each day. But no matter which camp you find yourself in, Kinsman men’s shop has carved out a little slice of Pittsburgh just for you.

This men’s clothing and lifestyle shop, located at 3818 Butler Street in Lower Lawrenceville, promises to source, stock, and supply you with the wares and wardrobe essential you need. As the shop’s owner Courtney Powell explains, ‘Kinsman exists to remove the excess.’ To do so, the shop features a curated selection of high-quality clothes and goods, emphasizing American-made brands like Taylor Stitch, United by Blue, Bradley Mountain, and Tellason.

No matter the brand, every item aligns with a unifying theme: classically rugged, functional, and enduring. Of course, that’s by design. As Powell put it, ‘like the city and community we serve, Kinsman is rooted in simplicity, authenticity, and hard work…being a part of this community and adhering to those values is incredibly important to us.’

Stop by this spot to see for yourself. In the meantime, these photos will have to do.

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Photo Jun 15, 4 44 04 PM

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