Working with our hands is a lost art. We’re more likely to be staring at our phone or computer (or both at the same time) than spending time in a studio or workshop. So if we want a custom piece of anything that’s hand-crafted using reclaimed materials, chances are we’re buying it, not building it.

Well, that’s not the case for John Malecki. Known simply as the Builder, Big John is a woodworker and furniture designer capable of making just about anything you can dream up. Using reclaimed materials, metals, and his hands, John creates custom, rustic and, reclaimed-meets-industrial builds.

And recently, we went behind the scenes with this former NFLer, who spent time with the Steelers, to see him at work inside his shop in Homestead. Check it out.

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Johns recent work

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You can see more of John’s work on his website, Instagram, or Twitter.

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