Quantum Theatre, continuing its devotion to eclectic experimentation and intimate theatrical
experiences, will wrap up its 2022-2023 season with the world premiere of “The Devil is a Lie” by
nationally renowned theater artist Jennifer Chang.

Director Kyle Haden and the show’s four-person cast provide a fresh take on Faust that blurs the lines
between what is real and what is not.

The show blends cutting edge theatrical performance with innovative technology and creates an
immersive world where the audience is invited to contribute by answering poll questions via their
smartphones. And will be asked to reflect on things such as social status, cultural marginalization, and
ethical decisions.

“Taking the bones of the Faust story, turning it on its head and twisting it makes room for
people of color or those who have been marginalized or overlooked. There’s something very
compelling to me about that.” -Kyle Haden, Director of “The Devil is a Lie”

In “The Devil is a Lie” the audience has been invited to a cocktail party, featuring the wares of Carnegie-based distiller, Quantum Spirits, to celebrate the mind-blowing success of George Fast’s company Voltaire. Maybe the invited ‘shareholders’ will get a sneak peek at some new technology? Or perhaps help influence the rise of the company to the Forbes list? It’s sly, subversive, and a snappy consideration of capitalism. Prepare to be disrupted.

The show’s venue, the Tenant Innovation Center in the Frick Building (437 Grant Street), is a space of
architectural history and modern technological updates – a perfect reflection of the socioeconomic
power struggles examined in the play.

Performances April 7 – April 30 on Tuesdays through Sundays. Tuesday and Sunday performances are at 5:30 PM and Wednesday through Saturday performances are at 8 PM.

Every performance begins with the audience invited to mingle over a cocktail, but special evenings
during the production’s run include:

April 5 – Pay What You Can Night
April 7 – Opening Night with post-show reception
April 9 – Sunday Q&A with cast and crew
April 12 – Social Q pre-show reception
April 13 – Pre-show wine tasting at the Quantum Quaff
April 22 – Psychological post-show discussion of the characters Quantum on the Couch
April 30 – Closing Night Performance

For more info and tickets visit www.quantumtheatre.com/thedevil/ or call the box office at 412-362-

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