Have you heard the term “Quarantine Puppy” yet? Something we’ve been seeing circulating the internet lately! And honestly, can you blame them? This working from home thing has got us in a pup craze too. I mean it’s nearly impossible to be sad when you have a puppy wandering around your apartment. 

Our pets are thrilled to be spending this much time with us right now. They’re teaching us how to thrive in a home environment on a daily basis- whether that be barking at the mailman, scratching a cat post, laying out under a heat lamp (no animal left behind). 

We all understand our dog’s on a much deeper level now. The excitement to go for walks– we now know it’s not over exaggerated. This time has made our bonds stronger with our four legged friends giving us joy when our life feels flooded with negativity . 

Whether you’re the one who got a quarantine puppy- or have had a loyal companion by your side for the last 7 years they have left their imprint on your life. Sort of like a tattoo. Weird comparison right? Stay with me here….

Christan Miller is a small tattoo artist located in Springdale, PA ( about 30 minutes from the city). She’s been tattooing people for years- listening to many stories that walks in the door. She prides herself in making a comfortable environment for women and the LGBTQ community.

Speaking with Christan, it is apparent how much she cares about the work she does and the story behind it; especially with animals. Her drawings and painting of animals are absolutely breathtaking from the color to the design. 

As this COVID-19 has her on the list of “non-essential” businesses she has looked for a different way to continue to impact people’s lives in a positive light and while still helping treasure those stories. 

Christan is able to work with you closely to identify the things you want most to come out in a painting of your animal and customize something unique just like you and your companion. Something you have forever- sort of like a tattoo. You see the connection now?

Here’s some of her previous works below: 

dogs painting tattoo artists
Photo credit; Provided by Christan Miller
dogs painting pet tattoo artist pittsburgh
Photo credit; Provided by Christan Miller
bird pet painting
Photo credit; https://www.eclipsetattoollc.com/
dog painting tattoo
Photo credit; https://www.eclipsetattoollc.com/

Incredible right?!? We think so too!

A lot of us are wondering how we can support our local Pittsburgh community during this time and this is definitely one of the ways! But seems like a win-win, right?

We’re able to support small and cherish the animals that bring us joy forever! 

You can get in touch with Christan here: 
(724) 882-4635 
Instagram: @Chris_m_tattoos

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