BOO! With Halloween right around corner, costume parties are on the rise and you need to find a relatively easy, but most importantly, creative Halloween costume. Whether it’s putting your own twist on a Halloween classic, or coming up with something completely unique, we want to share some of our favorite ideas you might want rock this season.

Best Twist on a Classic: The Diamond Skull


Skeletons have been a Halloween symbol since the beginning of time.  In the past few years, both men and women have brought this iconic look back, while putting their own twist on it. one popular look consists of painted half of one’s faces with detailed black and white paint for a half skull, half human face. Of course we LOVE this look, but our favorite skull was created by local makeup artist, Nicole Marcus. Her Diamond Skull caught our eye and we are obsessed. Along with her detailed skull makeup, she has added beautiful and intense diamond jewels to her look and topped the look off with a bright blue wig. Nicole set the bar high with this one.  Be sure to check out her Instagram for more amazing Halloween looks she creates.

Most Original: Michael Jackson – Thriller


If Halloween had a theme song, our minds immediately think of the famous Michael Jackson hit, Thriller.  This unique costume was created by local makeup artist, Danielle Mock. While it is common for Halloween costumes to involve a pop culture theme, This She-Wolf look takes the cake for its original approach. The costume entails bright yellow eye contacts, heavy contouring and gold flake details. The look can be tied together with an old varsity jacket or anything red and leather!

Cutest Couple: Bride of Frankenstein & Frankenstein


Another Danielle Mock creation is a Halloween classic, yet not one that is overdone. The Bride of Frankenstein. This costume could easily go solo, or be one half of the ultimate Halloween power couple costume (serious goals).  The most important part to a Franks Bride’s costume is her iconic updo and striking eyebrows. Once these elements have been mastered, finding the perfect white dress is key. For a Frankenstein costume, green face paint is most important along with his monstrous neck bolts. Dark clothing and a sport coat will help complete this costume (It’s a major plus if your over 6’5”).

Best Pittsburgh Theme: Pittsburgh Dad


This costume is pretty much the easiest costume to pull off and is dear to our hearts for obvious reasons. The key elements to this costume includes Pittsburgh Dads famous glasses which could be found at a thrift store or online. Any kind of Pittsburgh sports team jersey or Pittsburgh themed collared shirt. A fresh pair of white sneakers will complete this hometown hero’s costume. Just be sure you’re able to speak fluent Pittsburghese and you will be a hit.

Easiest Five Minute DIY Costume: Heinz Ketchup Bottle

This one is so easy, it’s practically boring.  But that’s okay. Really any Pittsburgh related Halloween Costume is going to earn you brownie points.  At least you put on a costume, right? All it calls for is a red ensemble from head to toe. The most important detail to remember is adding the 57 to the outfit.  Now that we think of it, this is much more of a delicious costume than it is boring!

Most Timely: Fortnite

Fortnite is all the rage right now.  This means the many characters from this video game will be roaming the streets this Halloween season. Even though it might not win you a “most original” award in a costume contest, it could win for most creative for making it a DIY project!  If you don’t have that sort of time, no problem. You can find these costumes in stores and online as well.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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