Shopping local has always been a major conversation piece no matter what city or state one is from.  The idea of spending money for a giant cooperation when you could be somehow circulating that money back into small business within your area is something that many, young and old alike, are grappling with.

Batch and Maker Pittsburgh
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Pittsburgh, happily has many proud small businesses that tend to attract somewhat of national attention.  Whether it be food, entertainment, drinks or clothing, there is plenty for those who like to shop small.  Especially when it comes to the holiday season (don’t forget – Small Business Saturday is on November 30th), why not add something a little bit more personal and handcrafted?

Batch and Maker is an initiative that wishes to strive to ensure local artisans have a platform in which to showcase their handmade products to those in the Pittsburgh region.  Based out of Mars, PA, Batch and Maker is helping to establish roots for artisans across the region in order to showcase their work to as many customers as they can.

From jewelry to photography, paintings to woodworking, Batch and Maker offers a wildly diverse assortment of products to quench any desire for any consumer.  Currently, Batch and Maker operate as an e-commerce platform, showcasing many of their affiliations via their social platforms (mainly Facebook and Instagram), introducing customers to their products in the digital era.

With the hopes of ample donations, Batch and Maker hopes to initiate a brick-and-mortar space in the near future (planned to be nestled in Mars, PA), where their affiliations and artisans can come to sell their products in real time with customers.

For Batch and Maker, the Shop Local movement is a very real passion, in which it helps to generate an enthusiasm for locality within customers, as well as creating something that might retain more sustainability.  What could be more responsible than that?

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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