Kiya Tomlin - Courtesy of Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Courtesy of Pittsburgh Post Gazette

To anyone that doesn’t live in Pittsburgh, there is usually a scoff when it comes to us telling them that there is indeed a fashion industry within the city.  Sure, it’s not as big at New York’s, or as (debatably) glamorous as Paris’s, but we have a presence that is surely being discussed.

Individual, accessible and chic as can be – these are terms that can describe the fashion industry here in Pittsburgh; yet, it perfectly sums up Kiya Tomlin’s clothing line that is hitting the scene in major strides.

Wife of Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, Kiya has been making a name of her own with her namesake line.  Founded in 2014, Tomlin’s vision for her brand was to reimagine the sweat suits that many women go to as staples in their closet for comfort.  Her idea – to bring together an idea of glamour and comfort, along with ease, into her designs to unite style and ease.

Tomlin also sees her role as being a vessel for women of many different shapes and sizes to be able to wear her clothes, allowing all women from all walks of life to feel beautiful, as well as at ease, in her clothing.

Kiya Tomlin - Courtesy of Kiya Tomlin (1)
Courtesy of Kiya Tomlin

Not only are her clothes the only discussion worthy topic, but Tomlin has recently relocated her store to Etna, located at 388 Butler St.  The store, which is aptly called Kiya Tomlin Work/Shop is a cheeky metaphor for her business model; not only can you shop and visit the store, but the clothing is also designed and produced in the same building as well (and lets not forget that they also offer free alterations on purchases).

Apart from creating a fabulous line of clothing for the women of Pittsburgh (along with the WORLD), Tomlin hopes that her store will bring attention to the developing neighborhood of Etna, which is currently going through a resurgence.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that isn’t going to break the bank, and will surely last you multiple seasons, then a stop at the Kiya Tomlin Work/Shop will surely need to be on your next visit into town.

Kiya Tomlin Work/Shop is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m.

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