Karaoke in Pittsburgh is back in full force and it’s time to take the bar stage. Here are a few places around than to showcase those vocals at these best spots:

Sloppy Joe’s

Located on 217 Shiloh St. in Mt. Washington, the bar singing begins on Tuesdays, starting at 9 p.m. at Sloppy Joe’s. This bar has been sitting on Mt. Washington for over 20 years and has the old-school charm to sing those new tunes. Plus, they have cold beer on tap, and Instagram-worthy signs to snap pictures with your backup singers and best pals.


Enjoy the class and intimate setting of the Carmi Lounge, upstairs from the Carmi Soul Food Restaurant. Karaoke is every Thursday from 6-10 p.m. upstairs with a cozy bar, tables, booths and a DJ setup to really put on a show. Enjoy a specialty menu and bar drinks as you sing the night away. PLUS, you’ll be back in bed by 10:30 p.m.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon on Butler Street opens their stage on Fridays from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Sing show tunes, classics, and new bangers that will get the crowd as wild as you on the mic. Enjoy the dazzle and charm of the iconic bar and even play a round or two of pool.

Apple Inn

Located in the heart of Dormont, the Apple Inn hosts karaoke on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enjoy good food and even better drinks specials that can only be found there. On a good night, the Karaoke lineup fills up quickly, so come take the bar stage and rock out.

Other notable mentions include Jekyl and Hyde on Thursdays, Smiling Moose on Wednesdays, and Bob’s Garage on Fridays and Saturdays. Have a karaoke spot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Colin Parrish

Colin is a Pittsburgh born and raised, daydreamer, restaurant foodie addict whose passions include running, thrifting, camping, and having a healthy amount of coffee or Malbec (depending on the time of day) . As a typical jagoff, you can catch him shopping in the Strip, running in Highland Park, or finding the best hiking views just outside of the city. He is a content manager for YaJagoff Media LLC and currently lives in Etna, PA.

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