Losing someone you’re close to is hard for everyone. We all handle the loss in different ways, but we can probably agree that we want that person’s memory to live on in some way. For Devlin Marshman, that meant creating a clothing line, TrueWildclothing, in memory of his little brother.

Devon Marshman passed away while incarcerated on March 21, 2017 of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Devlin became passionate about finding a way for his brother’s name to live on. Devon wanted to take care of people, even though he couldn’t, and the idea of a clothing line was born.

People need clothing, so why not have them wear my brother.

Devlin Marshman

Devlin and his wife – and business partner – Chiana were both born and raised in Pittsburgh. Chiana and her six sisters are from the North Side. Devlin grew up on the West Side of Pittsburgh with his four brothers. Growing up in poverty was hard, and Devlin expressed himself through music (he’s pretty well-known in the Pittsburgh music scene, if you can’t put your finger on how you know his name).

Thanks to the support of family and friends, TrueWildclothing is growing fast. They’re launching their new website in the coming weeks – and we can’t wait to see it. You’ll see a lot of t-shirts and hoodies on their Instagram feed, but they’re planning on expanding to hats, face masks, book bags, and sports wear. Their clothing is currently only sold online, but storefronts are on the horizon. Devlin and Chiana want TrueWild to become a nationwide phenomenon – and given how quickly they’re growing, we think there’s no stopping them!

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