Whether you or your family need a companion this holiday season or you’re looking for ways to give back to your community, it’s never been a better time to adopt a pet. Keep reading for our quick guide on finding your new furry best friend in the 412!

Finding a Pet and Shelter

With more than forty pet rescue shelters and adoption centers in the western Pennsylvania region there are plenty of places for pet lovers to seek adoption. Websites like Petfinder.com allow you to find your perfect pet match through a small questionnaire, in addition to allowing you to search by pet and availability at a host of rescue centers in the Pittsburgh area. If you don’t have a specific pet in mind and just want to help any animal in need, centers such as the Humane Animal Rescue, Animal Friends, Paws Across Pittsburgh, and The Foster Farm give you the opportunity to see what pets are available for adoption on their website where you can also schedule appointments to meet the pets in person. Walk-ins for most of the centers are also possible on select days. 

The Adoption Process

Not all pet adoptions are alike but there are a few requirements that you will need to have met no matter where you look. Several of the centers listed above will give you the chance to apply for a pet online, these applications generally ask for information about your identity, where you live, if you currently have or had pets, pet records from a veterinarian will be required along with a list of personal references. Renters will also be asked to provide landlord information to confirm that pets are allowed in their residence. Prior to completing adoption, a home visit from a representative of the shelter or meet and greet with the previous foster family (if there is one) is often included. 

Post Adoption

You may have gotten through the process but the work doesn’t stop there. Most adoption centers will offer an optional follow-up visit to ensure that the pet is a good fit. These centers also have great resources for first time pet owners and for pets who may need extra guidance and love. If your pet is not trained we recommend asking your center for recommendations on local trainers and veterinarians. Remember that most rescued pets need time and energy to overcome their past circumstances. Pet adoption should be taken seriously and we hope this brief guide will help you feel comfortable in bringing home the newest addition to your family. 

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Rebecca Hansborough

Rebecca is a Pittsburgh transplant of five years with experience in content writing, social media management, public relations, web editing, and much more. Her passion for food inspired her to create an Instagram based food blog that shares a combination of local cuisine and homemade meals. When she’s not focusing on food, she also enjoys the Pittsburgh arts and entertainment scene, from Broadway shows, music festivals, to gallery crawls. She is excited to share her love for all things Pittsburgh with future readers!

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