If you are not a regular within a tattoo parlor community (or, perhaps, even made the move to even get a tattoo), then the thought of it probably draws quite a bit of stress and resentment.  From the wall-art, the needles and perhaps the artists – whom are always the sweetest people, by the way – might just come across as all too much for some.

PMA Tattoo Pittsburgh
Courtesy of PMA Tattoo

At PMA Tattoo, all of those taboos go right out the window in order to create a sense of calm tranquility for those stress-ridden clients for when it comes time to get inked.

Located within McKees Rocks, PMA Tattoo was founded by the idea of “positive mental attitude”.  Created by tattoo veteran Sarah Eve, who had been working within the tattoo industry for over a decade wanted to create an environment in which remained consistent with the teachings of a positive, mental attitude.

What helps to set Eve a part from her counterparts are that she truly strives to bring a high level of customer service to her role in owning a tattoo parlor, in which she knows can making many new and older clients scared at times.  

When it comes to the specialties of this parlor, many come to PMA regarding geometric, illustrative or traditional tattooing.  However, most will be surprised to realize that Sarah and her team really excel in cover-up and rework tattoos. Have one that you simply regret?  No need to fear – the team will create a new found option for your tattoo needs.

Like any other tattoo parlor in town, there will be requirements that will need your attention before you arrive (along with time requirements, depending upon how long the session is scheduled to last).  For more information on what Sarah and her team will need from you, please click the link here.

Getting a new tattoo, or fixing up one from your last relationship shouldn’t cause nervousness or even fear.  When you are in the hands of the PMA Tattoo team, let your worries leave you!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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