I think it’s safe to say most of us are racking up the minutes of our weekly screen time. (That’s good! Stay home.) Since the beginning of these surreal times, popular trends have been sweeping social media including Dalgona coffee, Tik Tok dances, chocolate chip banana bread recipes, and local pizza shop DIY kits just to name a few (and yes I’m guilty of taking part in about 90% of these). We thought, while you’re scrolling through your favorite social media accounts, seek out  these local bloggers if you haven’t already. These locals are bringing quality, and creative posts to a screen near you. You can surely rely on these accounts for positive vibes and different ideas to stay creative at home, while getting through your self-quarantining woes.   

PIttsburgh Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @inspiredbycharm

What better time to make your home as comfortable as possible. Michael, @inspiredbycharm has all the tips and tricks to make your living space beautiful and livable. His seasonal decor inside and outside of his home will give you all the creative inspiration to get started on your own home. Michael also shares his favorite recipes which are all delicious and relatively easy. 

PIttsburgh Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @chandskitchen

Chandni is the chef, blogger, mastermind behind the visually stimulating blog, @chandskitchen. Feast your eyes on her beautifully delicious vegetarian recipes. If you’re looking for inspiration to get in your kitchen @chandskitchen is the perfect place to start.  

PIttsburgh Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @nicolemarcus

Let’s be real. Keeping up with our beauty routines and skincare regimen during self-guaranteeing hasn’t been the easiest. @nicolemarcus, a local makeup artist and beauty blogger isn’t just sharing makeup tips and tricks (which are life-saving) but also covers other lifestyle topics like delicious recipes, home decor, and expect some sweet cameos from her sweet cat Roman. 

PIttsburgh Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @hungrygrlbigcity

If you’re like me and love drooling over food content, @hungrygrlbigcity is your grl. She takes the role of a foodie to a whole new level. Jess is spreading positive vibes and making her way through each local eatery one bite at a time. Of course these days she is taking out and supporting local restaurants and eateries at  home. 

PIttsburgh Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @husky_named_rokee

Who doesn’t love an adorable doggo? This local pup, Rokee, @husky_named_rokee will give you all the positive feels. Who knows, after following this sweet Siberian Husky, maybe you’ll end up adopting your own four-legged friend.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Shannon Daly

Shannon Daly is the founder and content creator of the social media platform, PittsburghPlates. Her personal and professional life revolve around everything food. Whether she is entertaining, or trying a new local eatery, Shannon loves to use her passion for food and photography to bring together a food focused community, who equally share her passion for all things delicious.

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