If you follow us on Instagram, you know we LOVE our local food (if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Connect with us on IG). But we’re also about balance, we workout so that we can eat. That’s what everyone does, right? Sometimes it’s hard to motivate and get off the couch – especially now with COVID-19 and the stay at home orders. Like anyone, we need some inspiration. If you’re like us then follow these 7 local fitness accounts to get you ready to get up and start moving.

Megan, @Steel_City_Sweats

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @steel_city_sweats

Helping others has always been a passion of Megan’s. She a full time Physicians Assistant with UPMC (SHOUT OUT TO THE FRONT LINE HEROES!). Wanting others to live a happier and healthier lifestyle is one of the reason she does what she does. Megan explores all workouts available in our great city from yoga to HIIT. She wants people to come to her blog knowing that they’ll be able to find something that fits them while also maybe trying something they wouldn’t normally try. She’s here to empower people to step out of their comfort zone!

Jamie, @twojamezztrains

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @twojamezztrains

Looking for some fun mixed with fitness? Follow Jamie. Jamie is a personal and group training coach at Shape Training (spoiler alert – we love Shape and their trainers so you’ll see a lot of that here). He can make a training plan for all levels exciting, fun and effective. We get our daily dose of consistency and hydration reminders from Jamie and so should you!

Paige, @peanutphysique

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @peanutphysique

Paige has been an online coach for 3 years. This #BossLady has a full time schedule on top of being a personal trainer. She is a mother & baby nurse at Magee Hospital (ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO ANOTHER FRONT LINE HERO HERE!) Following her you’ll see her passion for athletics and training. It’s clear she does it for the health, not to compete. When we asked her why she does what she does her answer was simple. She just wants everyone to be the best they can be.

Jessie, @j.wellness

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @j.wellness

If nutrition is what you’re looking for, follow Jessie. On top of being a fitness coach at Shape Training, Jessie puts a huge focus on food intake and budgeting. Her Trader Joe’s hauls are so helpful when you’re looking for staple items to stock up on and finding some new things to try. Jessi is a Pitt alum and athlete. She gained her competitive drive from being on track & field, volleyball and basketball teams and training has helped her to keep the competition going.

Rasheed, @rasheedmarshall

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @rasheedmarshall

In fitness, consistency is important. What’s more consistent than being involved in the world of fitness since you were 12? That’s Rasheed. He’s a WVU alum – 3 year starting QB. After college he was drafted into the NFL as a wide receiver and kick/punt returner. As a football player turned personal trainer, Rasheed makes sure his clients have fun when it’s time but also know when it’s time to work, we work. You’ll get a mix of fitness inspo from him including hiking, skiing, outdoor training and even ice skating.

Rebecca, @beccamarshaalll

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @beccamarshaalll

Rebecca Marshall is another one of our favorite personal trainer follows. Another Pitt alumni on our list – #H2P. With HIIT training experience at 3Minute Fitness and Orange Theory Fitness, her drive comes from results and impact. Whether your goal be physical or mental, Becca is a great follow for some inspiration.

Danae, @dbfitness__

Pittsburgh Fitness Instagram Accounts
Photo Credit: @dbfitness__

You guessed it! Another one of our favorite coaches and follows is Danae from Shape Training and also works with individuals with disabilities. She was a track athlete with sports always being a part of her life. Danae studied psych and exercise so she’s always finding ways for herself and her clients to become healthier physically and mentally. Nothing is more fulfilling for her than hearing the impact that she’s had on the people that she works with. Danae is also very adventurous so when you give her a follow, ask her about swimming with whale sharks…. yes two of the scariest sea animals we can think of in one!

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