PGH Made: Pierogies

Pittsburgh has made many contributions to America and the world. (You’re welcome.) In this series we explore some of those things that PGH Made first and PGH Made famous. 

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PGH Made: Pierogies

Ok you caught us, Pittsburgh didn’t technically invent the Pierogi. But we all love them so much it’s hard to think of Pittsburgh + Food without the Pierogi coming to mind. Plus, we have some very creative pierogi sellers around town who are knead-deep in the pierogi business – essentially inventing new ways to enjoy these stuffed, doughy treats.   

Pierogi was traditionally a peasant-to-working-class Eastern European food, so is it any surprise that it’s a steel town staple? Of course not. Our mashed-potato-wrapped-in-dough roots run deep. Or, to put it another way: It’s a kraut favorite! 

In fact, Pittsburghers love the pierogi so much that we made some come to life. During baseball season you’ll find them at PNC Park running during the “Pierogi Inning Stretch”! (Bonus points to those readers who know which inning this is!) Frankly, in the world of pierogies there isn’t anything more exciting than the Great Pierogi Race. We especially love when Jalapeno Hannah hits Sauerkraut Saul with her purse but then stumbles and Cheese Chester swoops in for the win. (Go Cheese Chester! I mean, we aren’t picking favorites…))

On the edible side of Pittsburgh pierogies, there are restaurants specifically for the pierogi! Not sure if many towns can boast of multiple pierogi-oriented businesses, but our town can. It truly is something to be Pittsburgh Proud of! From traditional to hipster-esque to dessert-ster you can find all sorts of stuff stuffed inside this pinched dough.

Check out the following places to get your pierogi fix: 

Cop Out Pierogies in Etna. Fan Favorite: Mac & Cheese and their Dessert Pie-rogies

Forgotten Taste Pierogies in Wexford and Coraopolis. Fan Favorite: Potato & Sauerkraut

Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks. Fan Favorite: Mini Pierogies

Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck, location varies. Fan Favorite: Potato & Cheese

S&D Polish Deli in the Strip District. Fan Favorite: Potato & Cheddar

Stuff’d Pierogi Bar in Downtown (7th Street). Fan Favorite: Breakfast Pierogi

And don’t forget many local church festivals feature oodles of pierogies too!

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