Freshman move in day: these words are often synonymous with tears, rage and above all – utter confusion.  When you are sending off your child to college, whether across the country or down the street, the amount of anxiety and sheer desperation that comes from move-in day thus comes to a screeching collision.

Although, it really doesn’t have to be – there can be plenty to prep and plan for when it comes to moving your child in.  And if they happen to be going to college in Pittsburgh, then there’s a great chance they will be residing within the Oakland neighborhood of the city.

Home to colleges such as The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Carlow University, it doesn’t go without saying that move-in weekend must be, well – hectic.  

Luckily for my fellow readers, we’ve assembled your go-to guide on how to make move-in weekend a little less stressful (we hope so).

Move in Day Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: The University of Pittsburgh

Important Dates

Let’s get the most basic information out of the way first – your incoming college freshmen is stressed, and a date might slip their mind.  Move-in weekend, no matter the college, happens only ONCE for incoming freshmen. Below, we have listed the following move-in dates for all of the college in the Oakland neighborhood:

Carlow University

Move-In Day: August 22nd

Carnegie Mellon University

Move-In Day: August 17th

University of Pittsburgh

Move-In Day: August 19th-21st

What Should We Bring?

This is where it gets tricky – please keep in mind that each college will have a different set of rules and regulations for what you are allowed/ not allowed to bring with you to school (i.e. mini fridges, for instance, are rather tricky).   Please check with your school to see what you are allowed to have in your room, as there is no one-rule. 

Where Do We Go?

By far the most asked question by students and parents alike during their move-in experience, where do we go?  When you are trying to shuffle boxes from the car to the dorms, all while trying to remain composed.  For those who know the Oakland area, The University of Pittsburgh takes up most of the vicinity, with Carlow and Carnegie Mellon utilizing smaller enclaves.  The biggest beast you will have to battle on these move-in days are 5th Ave., which stretches all through Oakland through all of these universities. And a friendly reminder – you are still sharing these streets with commuters, buses, and tourists, so the area will be packed, to say the least.  My best piece of advice? If you don’t have to be in Oakland that weekend, stay far, far away.

But – what if we are still utterly confused?

Have no fear, my college friends!  To make your life a little less stressful – I’ve ensured you all have the appropriate move in information regarding move-in weekends for The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Carlow University.

This is by no means a way to get you even more twitchy than normal, but to help ease the college move-in experience for you and your family.  

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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