Meet the hip hop car salesman who is disrupting the industry. 

“The Real Deal Gabe McNeal” is not your typical car salesman. Just watch his car-selling hip hop videos and you’ll see why. His positive energy generates a vibe like you’re buying a car from your best friend. He clearly loves what he’s doing and he’s creative beyond-all-get-out.

Image via Gabe McNeal
Image via Gabe McNeal

Have you ever thought to rhyme “beat rock” and “Passat” or “the big one” and “Tiguan”? He has and he’s done it in his “V-Dub(aka Volkswagen) video. Did you ever consider hip-hopping your way thru all the different Hyundai models while pointing out their selling features? He’s rapped all about it

Mr. McNeal, who works at # 1 Cochran of South Hills, is one of the top car salesmen in the region thanks to his work ethic and genuine-caring customer service. His fun play-on-words of calling each sale a “Gabe McDeal” also helps. He knows who he is and has a vision for where he wants to go.  

“I want to lead by example and be a game-changer in the automotive business. When people think of hip hop and car sales I want “Gabe McDeal” to be the first topic of discussion. I want to inspire individuals that opportunities don’t just come to you. You have to create them!,” Mr. McNeal said. 

“I hope my videos motivate and encourage people to not be afraid to step outside of their comfort zone to make things happen. Don’t be afraid to be creative and use whatever God-given gift that you have to the best of your ability. I am not doing anything special. I am simply just having fun and being myself!”

A transplant to Pittsburgh by way of Richmond, Virginia he came to the city to study Communications and Business at Point Park University where he was also a stand-out basketball player. He fell in love with the city, started his family, and decided to stay. 

After college, with the help of his father Christopher McNeal, he founded a nonprofit organization “Go Pro In The Game Of Life” whose mission was to promote literacy by motivating and encouraging at-risk youth to read. While regional car buyers know him as “Gabe McDeal” area youth are likely to recognize him as “The Kool Kat in The Hat Man”.

“I went into these schools in the inner-city and performed these reading songs. Basically, a hip hop reading concert for the kids! I just wanted to make reading fun and help kids become successful!,” Mr. McNeal said. “My belief was that more kids would become successful if they developed that passion for reading early on.” 

Gabe personally funded the nonprofit organization on his own so when his second child was on the way he had to step back and focus on providing for his family. That landed him at #1 Cochran. But his creativity didn’t stop and in fact has been encouraged. 

“Just like I mixed my passion for hip hop with reading for the kids I knew that I could do the same with my profession in car sales. I want to make car-buying fun for customers.” Just watch one of his videos and you can see that he is doing just that. With help from two of his Point Park friends Alden Roth (who does video production) and Dan Helbling (who does the animation/effects) Gabe’s visions are being brought to life. They’re churning out professional quality “Gabe McDeal” videos every few months. 

What “drives” him to seek success? “Wanting to give my family an amazing life keeps me going and is the reason that I wake up at 5 in the morning every day. I don’t want to be average at my profession .. I want to be GREAT at it! I am blessed to have a career that I love and I do my job with passion!” 

Gabe McNeal is finding success in a competitive industry thanks to his unique approach and his personal drive. So whether you’re in the market for a new car or not be sure to keep your eye out for “Gabe McDeal” because whether or not he’s “a rapping car salesman or a car salesman who can rap” he’s the real deal. 

Follow him on Instagram at @gabe.mcdeal and check out his YouTube Channel here.

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