Finding a tattoo artist is no easy feat. Artists should not only have the skill level to execute your design, but the ability to help comfortably guide you through the process. One of the oldest forms of self-expression (dating back to the Stone Age), tattoos help show off a person’s personality and values. Finding an artist that understands and appreciates clients can make a world of difference in the process. At Eclipse Tattoo, a welcoming environment is the first priority of the artists. 

eclipse tattoo
Image via: Eclipse Tattoo

Based in New Kensington, a town thirty minutes northeast of Pittsburgh, Eclipse Tattoo has a talented team of two female artists. The team worked together to create a safe space for all of their cliente, but a specific focus on women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The need to create a safe haven came from past client’s experiences. Female clients and friends shared poor experience with past artists creating an uncomfortable environment from explicit jokes, uncomfortable language, and poor professional behavior. Christian Miller and Shannon Kelly, the artists at Eclipse Tattoo, realized that some women needed an environment to walk into that could put them at immediate ease. 

“No women should feel vulnerable while getting something that will be permanently marked on her body. That is why my goal is to have my tattoo studio be a safe zone for women,” states Eclipse Tattoo’s website. 

Working off this, Eclipse Tattoo was born. The studio operates as a warm and welcoming space. Christian and Shannon, both trained and skilled artists, operated in a polite and professional manner. This environment, in combination with their talent, has helped bring their vision to life. Past clients give praise after praise for work done at the shop

“She (Christian)  did my very first tattoo and was so incredibly patient and calming, helping me through all of my anxiety.The tattoo turned out great! I contacted her to do my second tattoo and once again she amazed me with her patience, working with me to get the design and placement absolutely perfect, ” boast Jamie Parker,  a returning customer (quote pulled from Facebook reviews.)

Eager to see what work has garnered such words? Browse Eclipse Tattoo’s website and Facebook page to for a glimpse at previous designs.

eclipse tattoo drawing
Christian Miller works on a drawing. Image via: Eclipse Tattoo

Not someone who wants a tattoo, but appreciates the work?If you like what you see, but want something a little less permanent, Eclipse Tattoo also takes commissions for paintings. Work with the artists to get a custom design for you, a friend, or family member. 

Ready to book? Find out if Christian or Shannon are better suited to your design needs. 

Christian Miller specializes in full-color tattoos. However, she will work in black, white, or grayscale if desired. She works on larger scale designs. View her hours and portfolio here.

Shannon Kelly specializes in neo-traditional and colorful tattoos. She will work on small or large scale designs. View her hours and portfolio here

eclipse tattoo past client work
Image via: Eclipse Tattoo
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