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Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve all been affected by this recent situation and we all have had a unique experience during this time. That said, we turned to you, our readers to ask you to share some words of encouragement, positive thoughts, favorite hobbies, anything to help give others motivation to get their creative wheels spinning. Here is what you said: 

“This is an opportunity… An opportunity to question existing priorities and establish new ones. Reflection and hitting a ‘pause button’ ain’t all bad.” 

“Challenge yourself and use your time wisely.” 

“I don’t want this time to pass and look back and say I did nothing different and appreciated nothing differently during this time.”

“Pick up a hobby you never had the time for! Art is empowering during this out of control time.”

“Practice new recipes and spark your creativity.”

“It has been really beneficial to remain in contact with family and friends through group texts and FaceTime.”

“I approach every day with a positive attitude rather than allowing myself to be sucked into negativity, there’s a lot of it out there.”

“Each week I choose a local small business (sometimes 2 or 3) to support by ordering food for pickup or placing an online order for products I can use in my kitchen.”

“I’ve been taking the extra time at home as an opportunity to do a little extra experimenting in the kitchen.”

“Enjoying simple things.” 

“Stick to a morning routine” 

“Count your blessings”

“Try new recipes and bring back old ones you love”

“Be kind to yourself”

“Stay physical and work it out”

“Enjoy the sunshine and keep busy”

“Take one day at a time and don’t forget to notice the little things”

“Enjoy nature as much as possible”

“Good food & connecting with loved ones”

“Wine and dogs”

“Keep moving forward”

“Just keep swimming”

“Keep a daily routine”

“Wash your face every morning”

“Write / journal”

“Organize closets and cabinets”

“Move around inside or outside everyday” 




“Daily yoga and meditation” 

“Spiritual reflection”

“Eat Healthier and avoid drinking”

“Cat snuggles”

“Lots of snuggles with my dog”

“Watching new documentaries” 

“Watch history shows”

“Listen to music all day every day”  

“Dance…a lot”

“Sing it out”

“Enjoy this time you have with your family” 

“Pick up a hobby you never had the time for! Art is empowering during this out of control time.”

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Shannon Daly

Shannon Daly is the founder and content creator of the social media platform, PittsburghPlates. Her personal and professional life revolve around everything food. Whether she is entertaining, or trying a new local eatery, Shannon loves to use her passion for food and photography to bring together a food focused community, who equally share her passion for all things delicious.

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