Anyone else out there worried about COVID-19 closing their gym and hurting their routine that it took you 23,525 years to get into? Us too. But have no fear as we have some options from our local gyms to stay distant but still stay active. Not only is this helping you, but you’re also paying it forward and continuing to support your local communities through these tough time. As Mr. Rogers said, “Always look for the helpers” and you can be a helper too!

Lakeview Yoga

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Lakeview Yoga Studios

Owner of Lakeview Yoga in McMurray, Kate Olson, has been helping people find balance since 2012 – something we all need at a time like this. Luckily we live in the year 2020 and we’re able to get zen together virtually. Register for classes online (make sure you do so at least 20 minutes before, it’s still technology). Once you register and pay you’ll be sent a link to the class via Zoom and you can access the class. Drop-ins cost $12 and there’s also options for class passes.

Our classes are sustainable, creative, and fun. We hope you’ll visit us online to find a sense of support,  community and connection during this difficult time. 

Kate Olson, Owner

Amazing Yoga

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Amazing Yoga

Amazing Yoga was voted “Best Yoga Teachers and Best Yoga Studios” by the readers of the Pittsburgh Magazine. With classes normally at one of their 3 locations (Shadyside, Wexford and South Side), they’re offering 14-days free online during social distancing – we love using the word free! After that, classes are still pretty affordable with new student packages, unlimited auto-renewals and class passes. Sign up for the free 14 days here and prepare to create inner peace in your own home. After 14 days, online classes will only be $15/mo.!

Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh

NEED MORE KETTLEBELL! Yes. Yes we do. That’s why until March 30th (at least) Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance is offering virtual classes with instructor Mike Shuck. Classes are included in memberships but have no fear, you can still sign up for $5/class. Monday-Friday classes are at 10:00am and Saturday-Sunday classes are at 9:00am. No worries if you can’t make the class time, if you sign up for the 12:00pm class, Mike will send you a link to the workout that you can do when you’re free. You can sign up through MINDBODY app or contact Gina on their site. You will need a kettlebell for some of the movements but if you don’t have one just get creative with it – a regular weight, a rock, anything… just maybe not your pet or baby!

Who knew Mike Shuck could torture me over the internet??? I probably should have known…

Kelly, Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance Member

Karyna Kerin, Virtual Interactive Yoga

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Karyna Kerin

If you need interaction during these virtual classes, check out Karyna Kerin! In these free meditation classes you can see your instructor along with your classmates as if you were in the studio. She also provides other classes for $7/class or $25 for a 5 pack. Karyna has been a registered yoga teacher for 5 years and has taught in the Pittsburgh area at various studios and locations. She offers a variety of classes including vinyasa flow, restorative, and meditation. Her vinyasa flow classes include creative sequencing that will allow you to move with your breath while building strength and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Her classes are great for beginners as she’ll be able to check your form and help you avoid injury!

SHAPE Training

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: SHAPE Training

You all know by now how much we love working out with Coach JB and the team at SHAPE Training. Even with social distancing, we can still safely get our train on. Over the next several weeks, SHAPE with be hosting safe, complimentary (or free) bootcamps at parks across the city. There’s limited spaces at each event and you’ll be 6 ft.+ away from each other at all times. No touching, just sweating! Tuesdays you can expect some strength and endurance training, Thursdays are for power and agility and Fridays are conditioning. All classes are either at 10:00am or 6:00pm and there will be 3 locations at each time. So download the SHAPE Training app, grab your mat, towel, water bottle and sanitary supplies and get to it!

Obviously as all have been warned about any public appearance, if you are sick, have come in contact with someone who may have symptoms, please stay away and try one of the other workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Local Motion

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Local Motion

Get on board the Local Motion Community of PGH and join their wolf pack for a little bit of everything. Local Motion offers cycling, yoga, barre, boxing, HIIT and pilates for all levels. While the Homestead location is closed for the time being you can still test out the classes. For $29/month you have access to multiple live daily classes and access to their YouTube channel that’s updated daily with new workout videos. Sign up with your MINDBODY app and get moving. Oh! One more thing – if you have kiddos at home they’re also offering free livestream Facebook live classes for them every day.

We’re trying our best to keep our wolf pack healthy and together. Our movement is social. We plan to keep it that way.

Laura Fonzi, Founder Local Motion

Mecka Fitness

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: @meckafitness, Instagram

HIIT and Crossfit inspired classes your thing? Check out Mecka Fitness. The location in Mt. Lebanon is closed at this time until April 6th but as you can guess they have some online options too! Check out their at-home workouts with minimal to no equipment necessary. You can find the exercises and also instructions on their YouTube channel.

ASCEND Climbing

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: @ascendclimbinggym, Instagram

No, you don’t have to climb the walls in your house to get fit with ASCEND Climbing in your own home. ASCEND has started to upload workouts to their Youtube channel under their “Work(out) from Home” initiative to help you stay active through the cabin fever. Currently they have one video up (and you’ll feel this burn!) but expect more in the near future.

Bar Method

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: @barmethodwexford, Instagram

If you’ve followed our Biceps & Brunch series from the beginning, you know of Bar Method Wexford. While their location is closed for now, you can shake along with them on Instagram live daily. If you’re unable to attend the live classes, no worries, they stay in their stories for 24 hours. They’re also giving you the option to take advantage of their Homebody special for $39. You get two weeks of live streaming classes then once the studio opens again, you get 3 in-studio classes.

3Minute Fitness

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: 3Minute Fitness

While 3Minute Fitness has a location in Ohio and soon North Carolina, they’re definitely a local community here at their 5 locations around the city. As much as we wish it was only a 3Minute class, it’s a little bit longer than that but well worth the sweat. They’re offering free classes to everyone – members and non-members to encourage you to get up and move and create a routine in our new normal for a couple of weeks. Coach Derek, Megan & Adam are here to help you sweat!

The Om Lounge

COVID-19 Virtual Fitness Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: @omloungeyoga, Instagram

Can you guess what kind of workout this is? You got it – yoga! The Om Lounge is located in East Liberty but for the next few weeks it can be where ever you want it to be. For members and non-members you can access virtual classes for $12 for unlimited classes and live streaming. Get your “ommmm” on with them!

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