Pittsburgh fashionistas have likely heard of the trendy boutique on Walnut Street in Shadyside, Apricot Lane Boutique Pittsburgh. If you are someone who hasn’t heard of this spot I’m here to tell you all about this BOMB women-owned business! ALB Pittsburgh is owned by a mother-daughter duo of boss babes. Debbie and Taylor Jamieson along with their staff, model all of the latest fashion trends on their Instagram page, @apricotlanepgh so you get a real look at all of their products styled with other items! 

A lot of people think all boutiques are super expensive and unaffordable compared to stores you’d find in a mall, but ALB Pittsburgh breaks that stigma! You will constantly find sales and affordable pieces at this boutique. The jeans are my absolute favorite because they are often cheaper than the big businesses AND the quality ensures they last so much longer. I asked one of the owners, Taylor, how she keeps up with all of the trends as I’m sure some of you have seen flare and boot cut jeans are moving back into style as well as many other older trends. She said that pre-COVID when they would attend buying shows, the vendors always showcased up-and-coming trends so they knew what was going to be in style for the seasons ahead. Taylor also keeps a close eye on fashion bloggers because those are the trends a lot of people look to follow.

apricot lane boutique
Image via: Apricot Lane Boutique, Instagram

Every Thursday you can expect a new drop from this boutique with different pieces modeled by their staff and paired with other picks at their boutique. You can get sneak peeks of these items on their Instagram page each Wednesday so you remember to set your alarms to check out the newness. The marketing and social for this boutique are always on point, they even make TikTok’s! It’s no surprise with the fact that Taylor majored in business management with a minor in entrepreneurship from WVU. With this background in business, it was a recipe for success for her to start her own business! Even though she didn’t major in fashion, she said you learn a lot about fashion while working in the industry, which she did for two years after graduating. Then she decided to take on a business of her own and started ALB Pittsburgh!

It’s pretty cool to think about being your own boss and that’s exactly what owner Taylor thought from such a young age. Obviously, by her college studies it’s obvious she knew she wanted to be a business owner, but which direction to choose? She started thinking about a boutique as her business in college when she took classes for her entrepreneurship minor. After her two years working at another boutique that sealed the deal for her. She was always interested in fashion and looking put together in stylish outfits so it seemed like a perfect fit! 

apricot lane boutique bundle boxes
Image via: Apricot Lane Boutique, Instagram

One of the coolest promos that ALB Pittsburgh runs is their seasonal bundle boxes! For a set price, you can score 4 new items for around 40% of the price. Owners Taylor and Debbie pick out 4 of their faves and pair them together so you can get as much use as possible out of the bundle box items. They release these each season and have them modeled in a size small, medium, and large for each box. It is so fun to get personal favorites of the owners in one convenient little package! While these promotions take months of preparation, they love doing it for their shoppers! Taylor said she “genuinely and wholeheartedly love[s] waking up and going to work every day. I’m willing to put in the sweat and tears because it is truly my passion.” Having a business owner with that sort of passion who enjoys their work definitely makes a difference when you look at everything that comes out of ALB Pittsburgh. 

apricot lane boutique
Image via: Apricot Lane Boutique, Instagram

This boutique has been in Shadyside now for almost three years and is CRUSHING the fashion game. With this ambitious mother-daughter duo for owners, it’s hard not to think about what comes next. When I spoke with Taylor about the future of ALB Pittsburgh she said currently in the long term they are working towards a warehouse specifically for their online store. Oh yeah, did I mention all of their items ship free from the online store?? Long long term, they would love to open a second brick and mortar location in the Burgh. Here’s to hoping for more ofl the style and fun Apricot Lane Pittsburgh brings to Walnut Street!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
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