National Adopt A Pet Day is right around the corner so we at Made In PGH want to share some local rescues that can help you find the perfect furry friend to add to your family! These organizations are all based out of our city of Pittsburgh.

Furkid Rescue

Image via: Furkid Rescue, Instagram

This online-based adoption program sets the bar when it comes to pet adoption. Very active on Facebook and Instagram, this program flaunts its adorable pets available for adoption as well as the cutest alumni pets enjoying their new life with their forever home. They rescue from all over the country and bring these pets right to Pittsburgh. If you’re interested in adopting, they have an application for cats, dogs, and even pig adoption! 

I spoke with a few Pittsburghers that adopted their pets through Furkids and they had nothing but great things to say! One couple said “The work that Furkid rescue does for dogs and cats is truly inspiring. We had a wonderful adoption experience and are grateful to have our dog Kanito in our lives!” Kanito is a chihuahua that was rescued from Barks of Hope in Puerto Rico, a partner of Furkid Rescue.

If maybe you aren’t ready to commit to the 10+ year timeline as their website suggests, you can always consider fostering a pet. Furkid has a foster program so pets can live in a loving home temporarily before finding the perfect fit for adoption. I spoke with someone who worked with Furkids as a foster parent to a diabetic cat, Freddie, and who later adopted a 14-week old pup named Loki. Katy, the pet foster parent, has a background in medicine so Freddie was taken care of with his medical needs. She said the pets “live in foster pretty much the whole time so the dogs get to interact with other dogs and Loki was housebroken by the time we got him.” It’s so wonderful that Furkids can make the whole experience for the pet a great one from when they are received to when they are happily adopted! 

Paws Across Pittsburgh

Image via: Paws Across Pittsburgh, Instagram

Paws Across Pittsburgh is a foster home-based rescue that operates totally off of volunteers. Paws Across Pittsburgh has a couple of different programs you can get involved with if you’re looking for a puppy pal! Their Lifetime of Veterinarian Support program or LOVS is to adopt senior or special needs pets. One of their adoptables includes a pair of pups named Zoe and Chase both age 13. They spent their whole lives together until the owner was no longer able to provide the care they needed. If you don’t think you can handle this precious pair long term, you can also opt to foster them while they await their forever home. All supplies and costs are covered!

The Paws Across Pittsburgh program Short-term Animal Foster Emergency or SAFE allows for you to surrender a pet if you are on military leave, have to enter the hospital for an extended time, etc. These owners have end dates so Paws is able to place the pets for a set date range. This is great for keeping pets loved and cared for while their owner is unable to, but still, reunite them in their original home after their temporary leave.

Animal Friends

Image via: Animal Friends, Instagram

This organization located on Camp Horne Road is a great place for education and adoption alike. Their educational programs are currently on hold, but will hopefully be back soon. Programs for kids and teens, pet loss resources, and pet therapy certifications are just some of their offerings. If you’re looking to adopt, they have applications for dogs, cats, and rabbits! One special program Animal Friends has is the Home-to-Home program. This program allows people to surrender their pets, but still, keep them in their home until a new family is found. This way the surrendering family is able to be a part of the adoption and it helps avoid having to keep the pet at the Animal Friends kennel. 

They are currently closed for walk-in adoption, but you can schedule a phone call and appointment to visit your potential new family member! The staff member at Animal Friends will discuss the behavioral and medical history with you after filling out the online application. If you decide to move forward, you can then schedule a meet-and-greet with the pet you have an interest in. 

Always remember to consider adopting instead of shopping when thinking about adding a new pet to the family! Hopefully, you will find your furever buddy at one of these local spots.

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Francesca Ferrante

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