Lift yourself up and feel good! Because everyone needs a healthy routine right about now. Besides, it’s productive and will weigh best on your conscience. Strengthen up your schedule with our list of must-try fitness routines!   

California Cycle Path (Northside)

local pittsburgh gyms california cycle
Image via: California Cycle Path

Let’s pedal! California Cycle Path is your destination for biking bliss. It’s located on California Avenue in Brighton Heights on Pittsburgh’s Northside. Ride it out with a variety of class types including: indoor cycling, TRX, rowing, boxing, Pound and dance fitness. They are open at half capacity right now, spots are reserved ahead of class time with everyone spaced out at least 6 feet apart. Some classes are available livestream and they have a growing library of on demand classes. You can also choose 1:1 personal coaching sessions. It’s a very inclusive environment with a diverse client base–they welcome all fitness levels! CCP is a part LGBTQ+ owned, part women owned business. New clients can purchase a one week unlimited pass for $5, this is then fully donated to the Pittsburgh Food Bank!  

Union Fitness (Northside)

local pittsburgh gyms union fitness
Image via: Union Fitness

Get some training by the pro’s! Union Fitness is a full service facility that serves the Northside of Pittsburgh, and its surrounding communities. They have multiple staff members who have spent time at the highest levels of collegiate strength and conditioning. As well as training olympic athletes and professionals from all four major sports leagues! Union Fitness offers a general fitness membership to classes that include yoga, lifting and conditioning. Also team training! Try the state of the art equipment–from velocity tracking devices to outdoor and indoor turf areas for training. They also host multiple powerlifting meets throughout the year, training teams from Point Park University and Chatham University! 

Opex (Bethel Park)

Image via: Opex

Live a larger life through fitness! OPEX offers a comprehensive, holistic & cost-effective Personal Training & Coaching service. Their experienced, professional coaches provide a truly personalized experience for their clients by starting with a thorough 2-3 hour assessment.  They meet you where you are and get you to where you want to go, no matter what that looks like for you. OPEX is currently accepting new personal training clients who want to learn how to train smart, safe, and effectively through anything. It’s all about fitness designed for you, your needs and your growth! OPEX honors your unique journey to finding what health means for you.


local pittsburgh gyms
Image via: SweatNet

Here’s something different! SweatNet is all about community, discovery, inclusion, affordability and the celebration of everyone! They are designed to break down the intimidation factor. You can do this for $9.95/month, which gets you discounted access to 6+ monthly health and fitness events around the greater Pittsburgh area. You’ll also have exclusive deals and discounts at fitness studios, healthy eateries, wellness facilities and more! Members currently have discounts to over 50 Pittsburgh businesses, with more being added each month. Make sure to try DropSound. It’s the silent disco of fitness, eliminating external distractions, creating a fully immersive experience. SweatNet was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina by two fitness obsessed female entrepreneurs in 2018. Pittsburgh is SweatNet city 10! 

Shape Training (East Liberty)

local pittsburgh gyms shape training
Image via: Shape Training

And last but not least–it wouldn’t be a Made in PGH fitness roundup without Shape Training! They provide a high energy, high value training atmosphere coordinated by the best coaches. These aren’t the same routines you’re used to doing! Every member has access to strength and cardio programs made by the city’s top trainers. Shape combines suspension training, boxing, athletic training, and one on one personal sessions. You can choose from the AC (Athletes Cardio) that involves conditioning drills, ATM (Athletic Training Method) which includes a taste of each class SHAPE training offers, and so much more! You’ll have 45-60 minute power sessions that will reach your goals without wasting any time!     

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.
Josh McCann

Josh McCann is a contributing writer for Made in PGH, where he writes about events and music. He's a Point Park University alumnus, musician, and founder of the music blog Where The Bands Are. His writing on rock and roll has appeared in the Globe and the Northside Chronicle.

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