12 Gifts Made in (or inspired by) Pittsburgh You should Give this Holiday Season

Tis the season for gift giving and holiday partying. Which means that, at some point, you’re going to have to start game planning for said gift giving. Do you even know who’s on your list?

Well, we can’t help you there. But once you’re done procrastinating, we can definitely get you pointed in the right direction. Especially if you’re shopping for somebody who appreciates high quality, handmade goods made in or inspired by the Steel City.

Moop Bag

Moop Shop PittsburghINFO

Take a few minutes to cruise the Moop shop and one thing becomes abundantly clear, there’s no wrong choice. In fact, you’ll probably end up buying an extra bag, clutch or backpack for yourself.

Homestead Supply Wallet

Homestead Supply Company Wallet PittsburghINFO

What do you get the guy in your life or on your list? The one who doesn’t want or need anything but the basics. You get them this wallet from Homestead Supply. It’s sure to become part of their everyday carry essentials.

Commonwealth Press Greeting Card

Commonwealth Press PittsburghINFO

Have yinz been nebby or nice? Ah, there’s nothing like a adding a little Pittsburghese to holiday hoopla with these greeting cards. So spare yourself (and everyone else) another holiday card featuring a family photo and matching costumes. Get these instead.

Pittsburgh Pennant @ Wildcard

Wildcard Pennant PittsburghINFO

We have a confession, these aren’t actually made in Pittsburgh. But they are awesome and you can snag yours from Wildcard in Lawrenceville (or on their website).

JM Custom Builds Charcuterie Board


John Malecki, aka The Builder behind JM Custom Builds, works wonders with reclaimed wood and his hands. His online shop is filled with cutting and charcuterie boards that make for the perfect gift. But, if you thought this out, you would have locked him down months ago for a custom built Christmas gift. Next time.

Frost Finery Keystone Studs

frost refinery pittsburghINFO

Pittsburgh is the home base of Frost Finery, a handmade jewelry studio. Melissa Frost heads up this operation known for shiny, durable, and stylish daily-wear jewelry.

Seneca Creek Sweatshirt


Out in Penn Hills a pair of brothers is designing, printing, and field testing goods. Their Seneca Creek brand, like the brothers, is inspired by the outdoors, quality goods – the handcrafted kind. Score this sweatshirt online or at Toll Gate Revival in Lawrenceville.

The Alloy Case from Kerf

kerf case pittsburghINFO

Speaking of quality goods, the Kerf Case definitely falls into that category. The first ever 3D-printed metal phone case combines natural wood with cutting edge technology to create a super stylish, exceedingly durable product.

Redraven Hanging Succulent Planter

Succulent Hanger PIttsburghINFO

All the cool kids are moving to Pittsburgh. And when they do, you should definitely get them this lovely porcelain planter to hang in their trendy urban apartment. Plus, they should be able to keep a succulent alive. We hope.

Koozie from everyday balloons

Everyday Balloons KoozieINFO

Want to spread some holiday cheer to all of your friends? Bring a case of PBR to your holiday party. But don’t stop there, supply everyone with the cutest stocking stuffer ever: a koozie from everyday balloons, featuring a whole host of adorable animals and unique designs.

PGH Football Sweatshirt

PGH Sweatshirt Fittsburgh Pittsburgh INFO

What kind of Pittsburgh gift list would this be without some Steelers gear? In this case, a simple, clean design uses an old school football helmet to rep the Black and Gold. Available on tanks, tees, and hoodies.

Growler from Atlas Bottle Works

Atlast Growler PittsburghINFO

Give a man a beer, make his day. Give a man a growler, change his life. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when you tell’em to stop at Atlas Bottle Works, where there are 19 beers on tap. Fill‘er up.