with Made in PGH’s Chelsie, Emma & special guest Brittany Hartle of Your CBD Store, North Hills

Made in PGH’s Chelsie & Emma are back with a special guest this week. Brittany Hartle – owner of Your CBD Store North Hills and affiliate of Your CBD Store Cranberry. She focuses on bringing the Burgh high-quality, lab tested, hemp derived CBD products and now she’s joining us to test our CBD knowledge. 

She’s also bringing us our prizes this week for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and they’re some big ones – $100 Gift Card for 1st, $75 Gift Card for 2nd and $50 Gift Card for 3rd (must use at the North Hills or Cranberry stores).

We’ll chat a little bit about the store and what they offer, then we’ll dive into Trivia testing your knowledge on CBD and everyone’s favorite category: Anything Goes. 

Free to join, free to play! Limited spaces available so reserve your spot today!

Thursday, June 25th | 5:30pm

Free to join. Free to play.
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