Coffee, Art, and Design are the Focus at this PGH Concept Shop

As you pull up to this concept shop, you’ll probably have a few questions…

Is 4121 MAIN the name or address? Well, it’s both. Is this Bloomfield or Lawrenceville? It’s kind of inbetween. And once you’re inside, the questions keep coming. Is this a coffee shop or art gallery? Are these flowers for me? What is this place?

But no matter how many questions you have, you’ll know one thing with certainty. 4121 MAIN is stunning. It’s intentional and thoughtful and curated, and stunning. Which is exactly what founders Kira Hoeg and Thommy Conroy were going for – a coffee shop and salon for creativity and conversation.

It’s a space we can’t adequately explain in words, so we took a lot of photos for you. But it’s best to stop in to experience this shop for yourself.

4121-23 4121-20 4121-3 4121-7 4121-16
4121-17 4121-5 4121-26 4121-25