21 Delicious PGH Eats That Won’t Break the Bank

As the rave reviews of Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene continue to roll in, we’re happy to report that the cost of snacking hard is holding steady.

That’s because Pittsburgh is a city custom made to please your palate and sate your cravings with just a couple of dollars (or cents!). It’s true, balling on a budget is a real possibility around here. You won’t have to sacrifice on flavor or quality either. Especially if you know where to look. And now you do!

From the mom-and-pop shops in Squirrel Hill to globally inspired restaurants all over town, and even a wine bar in Lawrenceville, we’ve uncovered delicious bites and deals on dishes all for $5 or less.

Momo from Subba

dumplingINFO Link to Map
Nepali style dumplings with a fiery dipping sauce. These morsels have a pleasantly thick and chewy wrapper and an exciting spiced filling. Cost: $4.55 for 8

Daily Pierogi Special from S&D Polish Deli

pierogiesINFO Link to Map
Feast on any and all of the economical offerings found on the menu at this authentic Polish shop. Just know that S & D’s daily special, featuring a different pierogi flavor each day, is probably the best bet. Cost: $4

Specialty Pretzel from The Pretzel Shop

pretzelINFO Link to Map
Carb cravings meet their end at this old-school shop. Choose from sweet options, like sugar & cinnamon, as well as more savory ones, like parmesan bacon. Cost: varies, $1-$1.50

Milkshake from The Milk Shake Factory

milkshake-factoryINFO Link to Map
On Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30, this Southside ice cream parlor and chocolates shop serves up their decadent milkshakes at half price. Cost: $2.41 during Milkshake Happy Hour

Crispy Yuca from Chicken Latino

yuccachickenINFO Link to Map
If you like the starchiness of sweet potato fries and the creamy yield of a French fry, then you will love the crispy yuca from Chicken Latino. Cost: $4.50

Veggie Samosa from Bangal Kabab House & Restaurant

veggiesamosaINFO Link to Map
Crispy, golden brown deep-fried dumplings filled with a herbaceous mix of spiced potatoes and peas. Cost: $2.99 for 2pc

Garlic Naan from The Taj Mahal

garlicnaanINFO Link to Map
Topped with fresh garlic and a glossy coat of ghee, The Taj Mahal’s freshly baked flatbread has crisp bits and fluffy sections all at the same time. It’s chewy, crispy, and garlicky. All good things. Cost: $3.99

Kitchen Sink Wings from William Penn Tavern

chickenwingsINFO Link to Map
Kitchen Sink Sauce is exactly what you’d expect out of its name— a feisty mix of various wing sauces. That means the taste will be a little different each time, but you can always count on these bad boys to pack on the heat. Cost: $0.50 wings on Wednesdays

Ice Cream from Dave and Andy’s

daveandandysINFO Link to Map
When you walk into Dave and Andy’s prepare for a contact [sugar] high as you’re engulfed by the intoxicating scent of waffle cones being made. This scoop shop is one of the few in Pittsburgh that makes its own ice cream. Standout flavors include apple pie, birthday cake, and burnt butter. Cost: $2.64 for a single scoop (& free smells)

Meat or Cheese from Allegheny Wine Mixer

meatandcheeseINFO Link to Map
Stop by this uber casual wine bar in Lawrenceville for a prime assortment of local meats and cheese to go with your glass of vino. You deserve it! Cost: Meat ($4 each) & Cheese ($5 each)

Tacos from Las Palmas

laspalmasINFO Link to Map
Tacos are filled generously with your choice of meat. Slather on the salsas as you please since you’ve got free reign of the toppings bar. Cost: $2.50 each

Slice of Pizza from Mineo’s or Aiello’s

Mineos Pizza Pittsburgh
These two family-owned pizza joints have been dueling for years over which Squirrel Hill eatery has the better pizza. Single cuts won’t put you back more than a couple dollars, depending on the type of pizza you want…so, you could theoretically try both for under $5. Cost: varies (depends on your toppings)

Spanakopita from the Greek Gourmet Marketplace

spanakopita pittsburghINFO Link to Map
The homemade spanakopita at this small Squirrel Hill shop is a thick-cut wedge of phyllo dough, spinach, and feta goodness. Cost: $4

OMG Donuts from E2

e2 Donut PittsburghINFO Link to Map
Kate Romane’s brunch menu includes her very appropriately named “OMG” selection of donuts, like chocolate espresso, berry white doughnuts, and beignets. And omg, how will you ever pick? Cost: $5

Bomboloni from Bread & Salt

Bread and Salt Bakery PittsburghINFO Link to Map
Missed out on summer vacay this year? A single bite of Rick Easton’s delectable Italian donuts will transport you right to Italy. Cost: $3.75

Spring Rolls from Tram’s Kitchen

springrollsINFO Link to Map
This Bloomfield eatery is every bit of the hole-in-the-wall joint that you need in your life – from the jaunty plastic tablecloths to its light, but tasty offerings. Like the plump and refreshing spring rolls. Cost: $1.50 each