16 Killer Taco Spots in PGH

Did someone say tacos? Yeah we did!

Traditionally Pittsburgh is known as a sandwich eating kind of town. But now, tacos are taking over. These little hand-held vehicles of goodness are stealing the show – in the best possible way.

Need proof? When it comes to tacos, you name it and we’ve got it. There are taco food trucks, cantinas, taquerias and taco-only joints all over Pittsburgh serving their unique take on this classic Mexican dish. There are so many different takes on the taco that deciding where to eat can be a real chore.

But don’t overthink it. Do what any logical person would do. Try them all! Sure it will take some time, but we already did the hard part. We searched high and low, through tunnels and across bridges, to make sure you know exactly where to find the top taco spots in town.


smoke BBQ

Finally! Smoke BBQ Taqueria has made their Butler Street debut. It’s about time. We’ve been craving the chicken apple taco since they closed their doors in Homestead. And now everyone can fill up on smoked meats rolled in fresh tortillas that can’t be beat! Don’t worry veggie lovers; Smoke serves a killer spicy veggie made with black beans and potato taco just for you.

PGH Taco Truck

PGH Tack Truck
via yelp

Somehow PGH Taco Truck has managed to elevate Pittsburgh’s taco scene and food truck scene simultaneously. You can find this taco-slinging truck posted up outside some of the best coffee shops and breweries in town. Make sure you’re following them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on their location and menu specials.

Round Corner Cantina

Round corner cantaina

A few doors down from Smoke is where you’ll find Round Corner Cantina, promising fresh tortillas made in house daily. Fan favorites include the Pollo Pibil made with achiote-roasted chicken, avocado salsa and pickled onion. Going for the Papas Con Coliflor, combining  avocado-salsa, poblano and cilantro, is always a good idea. Bonus: all tacos are half priced on Mondays!

Penn Avenue Fish Company

Penn Ave Fish Company

By now you should know that Penn Avenue Fish Company is your go-to source for fresh seafood in Pittsburgh. But you might have missed the boat on their best-in-town fish tacos. If you did, it’s time to get on board with their stellar seasoned swordfish, salmon, and tuna tacos, topped with cabbage, cilantro salsa and sriracha.

El Burro

el borros
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Make your way to Federal Street on the North Side for some high quality eats from this low key spot. El Burro is definitely not fancy, so we ain’t here for the ambiance. We’re here for the grilled shrimp tacos topped with fresh corn salsa. Since there are just a few seats available at this taco joint, your best bet might be to call in a to-go order.

Casa Rasta

casta rasta
With two locations, Beechview and East Liberty, Casa Rasta is mashing up Mexican and Caribbean flavors. The menu is lined with a variety of beef, pork, chicken and veggie options. If you’re interested in taking your Casta Rasta experience to the next level, order the avocado fries with isleno dipping sauce. Share with a friend, or don’t. No judgement here.

Edgar’s Taco

edgars 5

The Strip District is the go-to spot for a variety of ethnic eats and a couple of the best taco spots in the ‘Burgh. Swing by Edgars Taco Stand for a chicken taco with your choice of salsa (try the salsa verde) and watermelon aqua fresca. These tacos are great for a quick grab and go lunch along with some super friendly service.

Casa Reyna

reyna foods

If eating on the go is not your thing, and you prefer a sit down dining experience, then head to Casa Reyna right around the corner from Edgar’s. The fresh tortillas come “right off the line and onto your plate.” The setup at Casa Reyna makes it a great place for a group of friends to hang out while sampling and sharing a variety of taco dishes.

La Palapa

la palapa

You gotta love La Palapa’s simple approach to ordering. Just choose your base, filling, topping. and BAM, you’re done! If you’re looking to take the vegetarian route, La Palapa will whip you up a flour tortilla stuffed with spicy poblanos and potatoes, topped with fresh pico de gallo. Best of all, you can load up on La Palapa at two locations, an eat-in restaurant off of Carson Street in the South Side and a stand at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District.

Las Palmas

Las palmas

Five bucks doesn’t get you much these days. But at Las Palmas for a mere $5, you get two tacos made of corn tortilla filled with the meat of your choice (or potatoes, if you’re vegetarian), and access to a toppings bar overflowing with fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, and salsas of all spice levels that you can pour on your taco creation.

Sirena Taco Joint and Bar


This spot is far out, but a great find! It’s a little place tucked in the back of Donaldson’s Crossroads in Peters Township. Sirena offers plenty of interesting taco choices like the Pittsburgh taco topped with grilled steak, spiced fries, and sriracha ranch coleslaw. For a healthier dish choose the blackened Scottish salmon with pickled slaw and avocado mango salsa.

L.A. Taco Truck

la taco truck

If you find yourself outside the city in, let’s say, Armstrong County, you have to hunt down the L.A. Taco Truck. They’re succeeding in bringing street eats and to-go tacos to a small towns like Kittanning and Sarver. Grab a corn or flour tortilla stuffed with steak, chorizo or chicken and be on the lookout for specialty tacos regularly added to the mix.


verde pgh

Tuesday night is taco night at Verde. Not that every night can’t be taco night, if you’re into that sort of thing. But on Tuesdays you get more tacos for less moolah with Verde’s 20% off discount. In addition to solid choices like the braised chicken, grass-fed beef and chipotle shrimp, Verde is serving up vegan and family-style sharing options.


Via Andrew Stockey

This is the newest addition to Pittsburgh’s list of taco joints. And let’s just say we’re super excited about it. Why is that, you wonder? Well, Tako is the work of the folks who brought us Meat and Potatoes and Butcher and the Rye. So if it’s even remotely in the same realm as those restaurants, we’re all in for a real treat. Time will tell, be we hope Tako lives up to the hype.

Los Chiludos

la chiods

Located in South Pointe, Los Chiludos is a small, fast casual-esque Mexican restaurant complete with a full service bar. Not widely known to most Pittsburghers north of Bridgeville, this spot is serving up some seriously authentic tacos and worth the trip on dahn the Parkway.

Mad Mex

mad mex

Last, but certainly not least, we have the self-acclaimed “Godfather of burritos and tacos” (and big azz magaritas) in Pittsburgh. With six locations around the city there is a hangout for everyone. From Carnitas, to Barbacoa to fish and veggie, there is a taco for everyone too. And don’t forget to snag some chips, salsa and guac.